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Paso Robles, CA 93446
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  • 2014 Avatrix
    The opening salvo of the inaugural AVAtrix is a shotgun blast of cherries, mulberries, caramel and cedar. Layered into that energetic mix are hints of hibiscus, potpourri and crushed stone. The palate of the wine is hyper-focused and filled with coursing acidity that delivers lip-smacking freshness and long lingering strawberry and cranberry notes. The density and firm structure of AVAtrix combine with notes of vanilla and pipe tobacco to provide a smooth, driven, tantalizing finish that will keep you yearning for more.
  • 2015 AVAtrix
  • 2014 Black Orchid
    Looking into the glass is like being drawn down into an endless inkwell. On the nose, powerful notes of blueberries and blue plums are followed by more nuanced, subtle aromas of earl grey, elderflower, sarsaparilla, and blood peach. The palate of the wine is both weighty and primal, combining notes of granite and slate with sanguine, savory elements of roasting kebab, au poivre, and sage. Like Grendel in his cave, the 2014 Black Orchid is a brooding, powerful beast just waiting to be unleashed.
  • 2014 Brash
    On the nose, Brash parades a multitude of down home aromas. Plummy compote and a heaping portion of berries intermingle with cinnamon, Five-spice and caramelized brown butter. On the palate, the wine delivers a savory second course of tarragon, smoked duck sausage and Baker’s chocolate. The plush, generous mid-palate offers creamy overtones that draw out a lengthy, satisfying finish. Brash truly brings a little bit of home to your glass.
  • 2014 Caliber
    The 2014 Caliber is purposely both inviting and intriguing. It joins rich, luxurious aromas of blackberries, Chambord and sour cherries with spicy, exotic notes of cassia, sandalwood and clove. The palate entices you with an immense entry of fresh-cut red fruit, so dense it’s almost savory. This weight persists in the mouthfeel, which is towering in stature, but nimble on its feet. Subtle hints of cedar and mocha gracefully linger for a satisfying finish.
  • 2014 Crux
    Crux may be the most savory and inviting wine of the 2014 lineup, with heaps of plum, fig and leather notes to draw you in. As the wine opens up, hints of homemade cranberry sauce, vanilla cream and rhubarb pie emerge. Crux is nicely textured on the palate, both plush and weighty with structured, even tannins. The finish is long and generous, making its presence known with grace and subtlety.
  • 2016 Indie
    The 2016 Indie rosé is like a tempest in a teacup. It romantically leaps out of its glass to greet its taster with a flurry of peaches, nectarines, blood oranges, and rose hips. The wine enters the mouth softly and sweetly, like the first bite of a freshly picked strawberry, then persists on the tongue with a bright, refreshing acidity that subtly hints of tamarind and passion fruit.
  • 2015 L'autre Femme
    Pouring a glass of L'autre Femme is like walking into a French bakery. Toasted meringue, lemon tarts, candied orange peels, and fresh made brioche tantalize your senses, while subtle aromas of caramel and vanilla bean slowly waft to the fore. On the palate, you are greeted by flavors of succulent nectarines, peaches, and melon. The wine's invigorating acidity carries its weight all the way through to a lengthy, textured finish. Layers and layers of texture, depth, and flavor... like a freshly opened box of macarons.
  • 2016 L'AUTRE FEMME
  • 2014 Level 22
    Dark, dusty, alluring and perfumed… the newest addition to the ONX portfolio is generous from the start. Familiar aromas of dried apricots, cranberries and sarsaparilla entice you. On the palate, the wine is dense, silky smooth, and skintight. Its dusty tannins are fine- grained and resolved, trailing off into a seamlessly integrated finish, like the sunset ending of a classic western movie.
  • 2014 Mad Crush
    Bright notes of fresh cherries, dried cranberries, and orange zest are followed by layers of floral violet and lavender, sage and cedar wood, and a hint of black licorice. The interplay of fruit and spice continues on the palate joined by a lively acidity. Finally, the rustic structure of the wine carries it to a satisfying caramel finish that lingers and lingers.
  • 2014 Reckoning
    Both appetizing and ominous, the nose of the 2014 Reckoning is steeped with petrichor, currants, blueberry syrup, graphite and clove. As the wine warms on your palate, characters of lavender and sweet tobacco evolve from the mix. The body of the wine is plush, smooth, and omnipresent on your tongue. This structure is built to last and its finish lingers and lingers accompanied by hints of homemade pecan pie and German chocolate cake.