The Golden Vine
Villicana Winery
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Villicana Winery
2725 Adelaida Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446
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Located on Adelaida Road, Villicana Winery is pouring estate grown selections and distilled spirits. Winemaker Alex Villicana and his wife Monica personally planted the 13 acres of Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon that appear on the tasting list. The Villicana’s have also created a spirits label called RE:Find which produces vodka and gin. After grapes are pressed for juice the solid remains can be used for distillation. Spirits have gained popularity in Paso Robles as more labels turn to sustainable vineyard practices. RE:Find is producing 10,000 cases of spirits per year with popular flavors like Kumquat and drink recipes like “Quat you talking about” Enjoy a tasting flight ($15) which includes 5 wines and 4 spirits. One tasting fee waived per two bottle purchase. This location is shared by the Bodga de Edgar label. Outside food and pets are welcome in the patio areas.
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  • 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon
    The 2013 Cabernet has a beautiful nose with notes of blackberry, anise, and tart cherry. The tannins are medium with crisp acidity making it a fantastic food wine.
  • 2016 Cuvée Blanc
    The Viognier lends this wine a nice rich mouth-feel while the Grenache Blanc gives it the crisp acidity. A perfect match! We put 2of the Viognier, and 1of the entire blend, in American Oak barrels to balance the acidity with a touch of sweet oak flavors. This wine is full in body, crisp in acidity, and full of citrus and honeysuckle flavors. It is sure to be a big hit this summer!
  • 2015 Estate GSM
  • 2016 Liquid Hope Rosé
    Don't let the pink color throw you off, this is not a sweet wine. Rather it is rich in flavors and full-mouth feel because it is made from red wine grapes. And, it is crisp in acidity because it was picked earlier in the growing season. It is the perfect summer wine. Perfect with bbq, fish, appetizers, and anything else you can think of!
  • 2014 Merlot
    Year after year, our Merlot vineyard gives us rich flavors, medium tannins, and dark fruit characteristics. It drinks more like a Cabernet Sauvignon than what people tend to think of a Merlot. We attribute this to the way we farm this particular vineyard. We have it planted at the bottom of our south facing slope and our west facing slope so it receives the rain run-off (when we get rain!). Being on flat ground at the bottom of both slopes, the roots are able to dig deep down to find the water that is pooled in our shale soils. We farm the vineyard for minimum yields so that the energy from the root system isn’t diverted to too many clusters. This wine has beautiful plum and cherry characteristics and a very smooth finish.
  • 2014 Mourvèdre
    If you are a Cabernet Sauvignon fan, then this wine is probably for you as it is full-bodied and has some of the same rustic qualities. Due to the growing season of 2013, and water stress on the vines, this wine was able to achieve a deep ruby red color with tinges of terracotta. Both the tannins and acids are high, similar to past vintages, and the flavors and aromas are dry earth, dried blackberries, and boysenberry. This is a great winter wine as it pairs nicely with heartier foods. Enjoy!
  • Re:Find Barrel Finished Vodka
    It isn't a whiskey and it isn't a brandy - it's Re:Find [e] Vodka Finished in Barrel. Re:Find has stepped out of the box to create this very unique Barrel Finished Vodka. It is a grape based vodka that can be enjoyed like a traditional whiskey either neat or in your favorite whiskey cocktail.
  • Re:Find Botanical Brandy (aka: Gin)
    Gin is basically an "infused vodka" with the primary ingredient mandated to be juniper berries (at least 51%). We use juniper berry in our blend and also add coriander, orris root, grains of paradise, lemon and orange peel, and lavender to our blend. Most of the ingredients utilized, including the grapes for the vodka base, are sourced from central coast farms.
  • Re:Find Cucumber Flavored Brandy
    Seasonally Fresh. Locally Grown. Vibrantly Flavored. Each week we receive a batch of ripe, locally grown cucumber to distill our vibrantly fresh cucumber flavored spirit. Hurry to get it as once cucumbers are out of season, we stop distilling!!!
  • Re:Find Gin
  • Re:Find Kumquat Flavored Brandy
    We work with a California family farm to receive our kumquats at the height of ripeness. For this batch, we received 6,000 pounds of California kumquats and soaked them whole in the high proof alcohol. We then make sure we get the perfect balance of vibrant kumquat fruit, alcohol, and sweetness. This is the perfect spirits for cocktails because it showcases bitter, tart, and sweet characteristics which are necessary for a balanced cocktail. Hurry to get your bottle as we never import kumquats, so once they are out of season, we stop making this seasonal Kumquat Liqueur!
  • Re:Find Limoncello Brandy
    We work with a California family farm to receive our lemons at the height of ripeness. We then hand-zest the lemons and soak the pith-free peels in our high proof neutral brandy. We then make sure we get the perfect balance of vibrant lemon, alcohol, and sugar. Hurry to get your bottle as we never import lemons, so once lemons are out of season, we stop making Limoncello!
  • Re:Find Neutral Brandy (aka: Vodka)
    What is Vodka made from grapes? The majority of Vodka is derived from potato or grain because they are inexpensive commodities to grow, not because they are the best ingredients to use. Re:Find has the luxury of starting with premium, ripe, red-wine grapes, which provides us the ability to craft superior spirits. One distinct benefit of Vodka derived from grapes is the compound glycerol which is produced during the fermentation of wine grapes. It forms the "legs" in a wine glasss and has a sweet, viscous quality that gives our Vodka a uniquely smooth, soft characteristic.
  • 2014 Syrah
    The syrah grape itself is small, dark, and thick-skinned which produces juice that is high in tannin, rich in concentration, and dark (almost black) color. Due to the warmer climate in our vineyard, our Syrah shows flavors of dark cherry, blackberry, and raspberry along with a nice pepper element. We blend our syrah with Grenache and Viognier to lighten up the density of the syrah, to add complexity, and to balance out the acidity. The Viognier also helps to round the mouth-feel
  • 2015 Viognier
    Viognier grows extremely well in Paso Robles the extreme diurnal temperature swings help the vines maintain their natural acidity. We love Viognier because of its elevated level of glycerol which gives us a rich, full mouth-feel. In France, they call it the ‘white wine for the red wine drinker’ because of the mouth-feel. This vintage, while not long in quantity, is long in flavor. It’s bright acidity is perfect for summer as are the flavors of orange blossom and pear.
  • 2014 Winemaker's Cuvée
    Year after year, our Winemaker’s Cuvée proves to be one of our most popular wines. While the blend, and the varietals, change with each vintage we work hard to create a very harmonious and balanced wine that is wonderful with food. This means that not one characteristic of the wine over shadows another. So, it isn’t too fruity, too oaky, too much alcohol, etc. A wine that is nicely balanced tends to go with a broader range of foods and is also very pleasant on its own. We hope you enjoy our newest vintage of our Winemaker’s Cuvée.
  • 2014 Zinfandel
    This Zinfandel is bursting, literally, with ripe plum and red fruit characteristics. It was aged in new American oak barrels which gives the wine a nice touch of spice. We ferment this wine drier than most wineries making it great with food. However, you may enjoy it so much which cooking dinner that it won't make it to the dinner table!