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Bodegas Paso Robles
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Bodegas Paso Robles
729 13th Street
Downtown Paso, CA 93446
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  • 2014 Dona Blanca
    The Malvasia contributes floral tones to the bouquet that carries all the way from the nose through the long finish.  This is a fruity, dry wine -- without sweetness -- with a touch of minerality from the Garnacha Blanca.  Flavors of ripe pear, gooseberry, and a twist of lime zest make this a perfect sipping wine during those hot Summer afternoons. If you're in the mood for seafood, pair Doña Blanca with raw oysters on the half-shell, mussels, crab, ceviche, sashimi, abalone, and sand dabs. It will drink well with chicken, pasta with light sauces, caprese salad, fruit tarts, rice pudding, and soft cheeses.
  • 2013 Dulce Dama Dessert Wine
    Dulce Dama is a classic port-style wine, full of flavor but not cloyingly sweet or thick with sugar. Enjoy with dessert, especially chocolate.
  • 2015 Galici Albariño
    This is a classic, crisp Albariño with hints of apple blossoms on the nose and apricot and grapefruit on the palate. The 2015 Galica is a dry, refreshing wine with a great acid balance.  It's perfect for sipping on those hotter-than-hot summer days.The 2015 vintage is a spectacular pairing with any of the blue cheeses. It will drink beautifully with fish tacos, spicy Thai food, seafood-based paella, sea bass, spring rolls, risotto, chicken, crab and avocado salad, peach cobbler, artichoke, and desserts such as fruit tarts, rice pudding, flan, fresh fruit, and sweet cakes.
  • 2010 Garnacha
    Bottled on its own, Garnacha makes a fruity, easy drinking wine with soft tannins.  This is especially true of the 2010 vintage.  Depending upon terroir and weather conditions, it can vary from deep ruby red to a light, clearer red similar to a Pinot Noir. This wine has a bright, fruity flavor that makes it perfect for pairing with lighter meats such as pork and chicken and the more fatty fisn such as salmon and halibut. My husband and I will often have it at dinner when he craves red meat and I'm in the mood for fish or chicken.
  • 2010 Graciano
    By itself Graciano is medium-bodied and has blueberry and cherry flavors and a light, fruity nose.  Pair with duck with blueberry sauce (Yummy!), salmon, grilled vegetables, and just about anything that drinks well with Pinot Noir.
  • 2013 Monastrell
  • 2010 Pimenteiro
    The 2009 Pimenteiro — which means "pepper pot" in Portuguese — has a bouquet of white and black pepper with a hint of blueberry. The long finish, full of plum and cherry, also has the distinct flavor of white and black pepper. This unusual wine is perfect for blue cheeses — perhaps the most difficult food to pair with wine! Serve with any food that likes pepper: rib-eye steak, mushroom soup, butternut squash soup, grilled salmon, lamb, steak, cured paella, stews, and chocolate
  • 2014 Rosado
    The 2014 Rosado has a bouquet of apricot and peach with hints of vanilla and a characteristic Garnacha flavor followed by a long finish. This summer sipping wine is best served icy cold. Drink it on its own or save some for Thanksgiving dinner as it should pair great with turkey. Great with food such as spicy BBQed shrimp, fruit salads, ham, semi-soft mild cheeses, and picnic fare
  • 2009 Solea
    This blend has distinct red cherry flavors and is a complex wine that has well‐structured tannins. Both the 2002 and the 2005 vintages aged extremely well, and my family finished our share of the 2005 during the 2014 holiday season.  Even though the 2010 harvest produced wines of a much softer character, this wine should also age well. Serve with pork, veal, lamb, beef, rice dishes, pasta, veggie lasagna, grilled vegetables, and rich soups.
  • 2011 Trousseau
    Pepper, pepper, pepper — both black and white — on the nose and the palate. This heritage grape is in danger of disappearing the the USThe 2011 vintage is the most elegant 100% Trousseau that we've ever released.  The pepper is not as strong as in some previous years, but the flavors in the 2011 are remarkably delicate and lingering.  The nose is floral with hints of white pepper and leather; it has a round mouthfeel with coffee and seasoned driftwood mingled with the fruit.
  • 2010 Vaca Roja
    The 2010 Vaca Roja has big, bold flavors of cherry and cassis, followed by hints of plum, licorice, smoke, and earthy fig and black truffle. Chocolate lingers on the nose. It has a velvety mouthfeel with a never-ending finish! Serve Vaca Roja with lamb, pot roast, big meaty stews, venison, and anything you prepare in a slow cooker. Pizza, paella, chicken cacciatore, and any dessert with chocolate should be a perfect match.
  • 2011 Viva Tu
    Fruit, fruit, fruit from the nose through the long finish.  Barrel select
  • 2012 Viva Yo
    This vintage of the ¡Viva Yo! — everyone's perennial favorite and our flagship wine — is drinking great right now. The color is traditionally Tempranillo, rich and deep ruby purple. This wine has youthful, yet intense, flavors of cherry and plum, hints of smoke and leather, all layered with the spice so typical of Tempranillo.  All of the wines from the 2012 vintage have soft tannins and bright fruit, and ¡Viva Yo! is no exception. Pair this wine with anything from a beefy braise of short ribs to grilled salmon or lamb sirloin. It drinks well with red-sauce pasta, grilled vegetables, fhearty soups, and spicy food such as Thai cuisine.