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Booker Vineyard and Winery
2640 Anderson Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446
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  • 2010 Alchemist
    The Alchemist is our powerhouse blend. To create a combination of power and structure, I selected barrels with intense, black fruit. The Cabernet adds a considerable amount of complexity that coats your palate while the Petit Verdot gives this wine dark depth. This is an exceptional wine that is endowed with definition, stucture and age-ability. The Alchemist was aged in new French oak and should be at it’s prime in the 4 to 5 year range.
  • 2010 Alchemist 22
    This big, bold beauty had the most to gain from the extended barrel aging. The Alchemist 22 has more polished tannins and an overall impression of seamless beauty. With perfumed licorice, tar and mint, this wine has definition structure and age-ability. Aged in 40% new French oak for 22 months. Anticipated maturity: 2013-2019
  • 2014 Booker Estate
    The Estate is a glorious dense and purple color with fantastic character showing off both red and black berries as well as a big mid-palate. Estate has become our version of the great wines of the Northern Rhone. When I make Estate I'm always looking for barrels that are old world rustic and have dark notes of coffee, tobacco and leather. This wine is also meant to be dense, chewy and tannic. You may now be saying to yourself, "there's no Tempranillo in Northern Rhone" and that would be a correct statement.
  • 2013 Estate
    Fashioned after the old Alchemist, this wine was meant to be massive but also extremely rustic using very little oak. Notes of stewed black cherries are overwhelming. A "must-have" in your cellar, and definitely presents a unique identity compared to the rest of the line-up
  • 2014 Estate Ext
    The 2014 version of the Estate Extended is one of our most accessible wines right out of the gate. The beautiful thing about this wine is that just when you think it's going to be too big with all of the Tempranillo, Syrah and Petit Verdot that small amount of Grenache comes in and turns it into an elegant wine. It starts off with black fruits and then transitions through the soft, supple mid-palate showing off an elegant red side. The finish is over a minute long. You can never go wrong with this wine!
  • 2014 Fracture
    Fracture is always a tough one, I'm trying to make a world-class Syrah that can compete with any in the world, though it is daunting to think of it that way. Each year the battle with this wine is to keep it elegant enough to enjoy with or without food without losing sight of it’s density or texture. The 2014 was both acid driven and textural and has the opportunity to be as good as the 2013 but age even better. It won't be as voluptuous as in year one but I believe it will arguably surpass it in year two. Big, rich and covered in all spice, this vintage walks a tight line between mass and finesse which is consistently Fracture!
  • 2012 Fracture
    Always one of our most coveted wines, Fracture hails from south facing blocks of Syrah and is predominantly aged in 228L barriques and 300L hogshead barrels. This bold beauty had the most to gain with extra time in oak, showing rich notes of dark chocolate and deep boysenberry fruit. The finish seems to go on forever!
  • 2011 Fracture
    Always our best barrels of 100% syrah, this years fracture is the model of consistency displaying its beautiful mid palate texture and long finish, highlighted by dark fruits, cocoa, and creme de cassis.This wine will always be one of Bookers flagships.
  • 2010 Fracture
    The one thing you can count on year after year is Fracture's gorgeous consistency. The 2010 shows purity and finesse with layers of rich dark fruit and loamy earth. As in past years, the 2010 Fracture has intense fruit up front, showing soft lines and beautiful French oak integration. It maintains an extremely long finish while possessing stunning aromatics and impeccable balance. Anticipated maturity: 2012-2018
  • 2013 Fracture 24
  • 2013 Fulldraw
    As with most young vines in a site that has no vigor, the fruit you get is fresh and exciting but it is key to refrain from getting carried away and making a wine that is over the top in ripeness. The ‘13 Fulldraw will stand up to any GSM on the market, period. Notes of fresh blackberries and blueberries are backed with subtle hints of properly proportioned vanillin French oak. Seamless across the mid-palate and a long finish are why the critics are so high on this wine from such young vines. This wine will drink now or age gracefully for 10 years.
  • 2014 Fullldraw
    Fulldraw Vineyard is immediately next door to Booker Vineyard. It's owned and farmed by my Assistant Winemaker Connor McMahon and, for all intensive purposes, the two vineyards are completely interchangeable. I was fortunate to plant the largest phase of this property with Connor and believe that his vineyard will become one California's top producers. The 2014 was a classic GSM (Syrah,Grenache/Mourvedre.) I always let Connor take the lead on this wine and tell me how he would like to be represented. Stems are added for spice and structure and we always strive for a textural mid palate.
  • 2014 Fullldraw Ext
    This GSM from my Assistant Winemaker’s property immediately attached to Booker is usually a bigger wine showing a bit more black than red fruits, and the extended version does not disappoint. Yes, it has the big tannins we got from 14, but it is softer and more accessible now than most of the other wines. That said, with a large percentage of whole cluster fruit you will be better off waiting a couple of years on this one. Crack one in first 6 months and decide for yourself!
  • 2010 My Favorite Neighbor
    On the front palate the wine displays true bordeaux dark fruits, without too much tannin. In the mid-palate you get soft, velvety texture, flavors of cocoa and creme de cassis that seamlessly take you to the finish of a dark chocolate bar infused with blueberries and boysenberries. Anticipated maturity: 2013-2018
  • 2013 My Favorite Neighbor
    The freshest, most vibrant MFN ever made with tannins that are soft and supple and the fruit is extremely lush and ripe. Black fruits with beautifully integrated French Oak stay on your palate and linger for over a minute. Best to open in one year…but why wait!
  • 2011 My Favorite Neighbor
    I think everyone will agree the 2010 MFN was the best I have ever made. It was the right amount of oak, and most importantly heavy on the petit verdot. Well, the 2011 is no different, moving away from the massive amount of oak and letting the fruit express itself, most importantly the petit verdot. It is dense and textural, showing beautiful hints of a chocolate bar and blackberries. Finishes long and silky!
  • 2014 My Favorite Neighbor
    Always one of our most popular wines, MFN was aged in French oak for 24 months and is as balanced as it has ever been before. In barrel the Cabernet and Syrah wanted to rear their head and show their ripeness, but the massive Petit Verdot would not allow them. This is reminiscent of one of (my favorite neighbor) Stephan Asseo's legendary Estate Cuvee wines. You will be rewarded for aging this wine 2 years.
  • 2012 Oublie
    Twenty-four month Oublie was aged entirely in neutral 500L puncheons and has 20% whole cluster. With gentle red fruits and stunning aromatics of violet and mint, this wine continues to evolve more and more into a true Chateauneuf du Pape.
  • 2011 Oublie
    A fun, food friendly wine only tipping the scales at 14.6 alc (low for Paso). This wine is classic chateauneuf du pape, with the counoise, grenache and mourvèdre dominating the wine. Bright red flavors highlight this, which is all about finesse.
  • 2010 Oublie
    Debuting its third vintage, Oublie brings a vibrant mix of fresh red fruits while still possessing texture, mouth feel and undertones of dried herbs to the palate. The Mourvedre and Grenache give it a balanced structure, while the Counoise brings a sense of freshness. This wine was aged in 80% used French oak barrels in order to not overwhelm its lighter and more graceful style.
  • 2014 Oublie
    Arguably the biggest and most concentrated Oublie ever, this wine reminds me of a Chateauneuf du Pape Vieilles Vignes from Marcoux or Janasse. Lots of ripe red fruit characteristics but a gorgeously proportioned mid-palate that you don't usually get from Grenache and Mourvedre. Feel free to crack this wine anytime.
  • 2010 Oublie 22
    One of our lighter and more graceful wines, Oublie 22, brings a vibrant mix of fresh red fruits. The extended age added more depth and richness compared to the Spring Oublie bottling. Stylistically, it possesses great palate depth and finishes polished with hints of violets and mint. The Oublie 22 was aged in 80% used French oak barrels for 22 months. Anticipated maturity: 2012-2018
  • 2013 Oublie 24
    Wow! If vintners in Chateaneuf du Pape could only taste this one! Every year this wine continues to get better and better. Always Grenache/ Mourvèdre, and Counoise, the extended version shows beautiful red fruit but still boasts a massive mid-palate. Ready to drink now or age for five years for that sweet spot.
  • 2010 Remnant
    Since man or woman cannot live on massive wines alone, Remnant was born. Francophiles, this is your wine! Fermented whole cluster, the Remnant is light yet textural, showing bright red fruits and a tannic finish, revealing its longevity. This wine saw 100% used French oak barrels and was aged for 16 months. Make no mistake
  • 2011 Remnant
    (Formerly Alchemist) - Always a club/allocation favorite, the 2011 is again a crazy blend featuring tempranillo and petit verdot mixed in with the rhone varietals. Deep, black fruits with hints of cigar box accompany this wine and assist in its long finish.
  • 2012 Remnant
    This wild blend melds together in seamless perfection. Aged in 6neutral French Oak for two years, the extended version flaunts dark purple fruits and licorice that make me ‘reminisce’ the old Alchemist days…
  • 2014 Ripper
    With Ripper, my goal is to emulate the Southern Rhone's Chateauneuf du Pape. Unlike most wineries in California, this wine is 100% Grenache with no added Syrah for color. Ripper is true to its variety showing red fruits like strawberries, raspberries as well as hints of bubble gum and cherry cola. I do not want to overwhelm this Grenache with wood, therefore the majority was aged in concrete and the rest in large-format used barrels.
  • 2013 Ripper
    The 2013 100% Grenache takes me back to the old Ripper days, but keeping ripe red fruit flavors of 2010-2012. This version is more textural than the past 3 vintages, while still maintaining the bright red cherry and raspberry notes. It finishes with hints of kirsch and cherry cola.
  • 2011 Ripper
    This 100% grenache is eerily similar to last year. Beautiful bright red strawberries and rasberries, yet still has texture that most grenaches lack. I believe this will be received as good or better than the 201
  • 2010 Ripper
    One of our more coveted wines, the Ripper is a stunner that is not produced yearly. Changing with each vintage, the 2010 is pure Chateauneuf in style with intensely layered red fruit and sweet tobacco. This wine is 100% Grenache/ most of which was aged in cement tanks and the balance in used, large format French oak barrels. The Ripper is one of the most pure expressions of Booker Vineyard. Give this elegant lady about 6 months before ripping away!
  • 2012 Ripper
    This Grenache beauty rips around your palate with bright fruit and it’s usual elegance. Aged in neutral 500L puncheons for twenty-four months, the extended version shows off with more of a full-bodied richness and a bouquet of dried rose petals on the nose.
  • 2011 RLF
    Booker’s newest addition, RLF, is meant to be a food friendly, easy drinker. This wine is a change from the usual massive Booker wines and, like ‘Ripper’, RLF is a great companion to any meal. The 2011 RLF was barrel aged 2 years and shows all signs of beautiful red fruits while finishing with firm, but elegant tannins. You’ll notice the moderate price point of $45.00 which I feel was a necessary addition to the Booker line up. Finally a bottle that can be drank 7 nights a week without much guilt! This wine is ready to drink immediately.
  • 2014 RLF
    Don’t be confused, yes Booker made a Pinot Noir. As many of you know RLF is our second label and was created in honor of my late father-in-law. My goal has always been to make a high quality wine at a friendly price. In 2014 the best fruit available was from Santa Rita Hills, Edna Valley and one of the most beautiful Pinot Vineyards in the world in San Simeon. This wine is definitely made to California style, and I think it will compare favorably with wines in the upper price range from Santa Lucia Highlands. The fruit comes from two different vineyards on the coast. One of which literally overlooks the water, and the other in Arroyo Grande about five minutes from the water. The alcohol is low, but the flavors are not. I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous, being a Rhone guy and making a Pinot. Like any great wine, it always comes down to sourcing the best fruit and not screwing it up. Nearly half of this vintage was made in concrete, with the rest in new French Oak.
  • 2012 RLF
    Also returning is RLF, a tribute to my beloved father-in-law who was extremely influential in my wine life. Like the '11, this wine is a finessed, every-day drinker. A lot of you were hesitant last time…but we have never received so many re-orders for any one wine since the '05 Ripper.
  • 2014 Sweet
    This will be our last Sweet wine bottled. I know I have only made two, but this was exactly what I was trying to accomplish when I set out to make a sweet wine. I’m just going to come out and say it. It is superior to the last Sweet bottled in every way. I am so confident about this sweet wine that I would buy back any unopened bottles! Therefore, this collector’s item will also be the last. Send me your feedback, I want to make sure I’m not alone in this world!
  • 2012 Sweet
    Our young Petit Manseng vines were picked on the hillside facing our tasting room on the very last day of harvest in 2012. Made in the style of a Sauterne, this wine spent two years in barrel and shows gorgeous tropical fruits with a dense mid-palate. You will impress guests by bringing this gorgeous sweetie out after your holiday meals, or simply crack by the fireplace and see where it takes you!
  • 2013 Tempranillo
    As most of you know, the Tempranillo is only made in stellar vintages. Well then, I think you know where I stand. A large and masculine wine, the Tempranillo shows classic black notes of espresso and dark chocolate with hints of blackberry and firm tannins on the finish. The real beauty of this wine though is that as masculine as it is, it is not overly massive or syrupy. Quite the contrary! It accomplishes the goal of seeming like a massive wine while still coming across the palate as elegant as the top Spanish Tempranillos do!
  • 2010 Tempranillo
    Plan on showing patience with this beast! Deeply textured with black fruit and aggressive tannins, it has considerable richness and depth. In three short years this wine has been critically placed amongst the top wines of the Tempranillo world. Aged in roughly 90% new French Oak, this beauty will need about 2 to 3 years before the tannins mellow and it begins to open up. It will be worth the wait!
  • 2014 Tempranillo
    As massive and dark as this wine has ever been, this vintage truly screams all things dark with a double espresso shot and firm tannins yet surprising hints of red fruit on the finish. This beast will need at lea
  • 2010 Tempranillo 22
    Our first extended age Tempranillo has softer tannins and maintains its texture, richness and depth. This beast coats your mouth with luscious black fruit. Aged in roughly 90% new French oak for 22 months. Anticipated maturity: 2013-2018
  • 2011 Vertigo
    Another Booker staple, this syrah, Grenache/ mourvèdre leans heavy on the syrah side this year, giving it depth and texture yet not overwhelming it. It starts off like a dense, dark fruit wine but then evolves in the palate and displays its finesse and red fruits.
  • 2014 Vertigo
    Vertigo is Booker's version of a GSM, similar to the Fulldraw, but slightly more power driven than finesseful. I cracked a bottle before writing so I could really sink into it and this is what I got...blueberries and black fruits followed up by a long soft, pillow-like mid palate that leads into a lingering finish of beautifully ripe grapes. When choosing barrels to go into Vertigo, I look for ample stem inclusion in the Mourvedre and Grenache as well as a perfectly ripe Syrah. This GSM is usually ready to drink fairly quickly, but will soften a bit within a year.
  • 2010 Vertigo
    Our true Rhone blend, the Vertigo, has an exquisite palate of red fruit and supple texture. This wine is layered with velvety tannins that carry through to a deliciously long finish. Year to year, this is always our most versatile wine. The Vertigo was aged with 70% new French oak. It was blended after 6 months and then spent an additional 10 months learning how to get along. This will be ready to drink in six months.
  • 2012 Vertigo
    With roughly 40% whole cluster, the extended version shows impeccable structure with hints of spice that should make it a perfect pair for upcoming holiday dinners. This wine was aged in once-used 300L hogshead barrels and has a lot of structure and tannin. This is surely a wine that will benefit from an extra six months of aging.
  • 2010 Vertigo 22
    This GSM beauty wraps around the palate with dark red fruit, flowers, mint and spices. Vertigo 22's extended barrel age has given it a dimension of seamlessness and complete integration compared to the straight bottling. This wine was aged for 22 months in 60% new French oak. Anticipated maturity: 2012-2018
  • 2013 Vertigo 24
    Even more lush and ripe than the early one, and could be as good if not better! This one definitely needs a year to relax before we can decide who the champ was! A classic GSM leaning toward a heavier Grenache flavor.
  • 2014 Vertigo Ext
    Along with the Fracture (released in the Spring), this is the most structured and tannic wine I have ever made. When I was writing my notes it wasn't until day five that this wine even showed me a few of his cards. Dominated by Syrah, it is an absolute beast that will take at least two years of cellaring before it starts to soften up. If you must open one within year one you will need to give it a heavy splash decant the day before you drink it. It has the ability to be a legendary wine, but will require patience.
  • 2015 White
    Consistency is what I love about my white wine. The use of skin contact and blending of various varietals always gives it that golden color with a rounded, soft mid-palate. For those of you looking for a crisp acidic wine, you’re in the wrong place. This wine is big and opulent, and the 2015 could arguably be one of my favorite whites I have ever made. In the past, I have sometimes pushed the skin contact too far and allowed the finish to get a little over the top from the skin extraction. In 2015 I believe I nailed the exact amount of time on the skins (which was just pure luck!). It starts with ripe tropical fruits and pears, then moves to a soft, round middle and a long, beautiful honeysuckle finish.
  • 2014 White
    This White is the cleanest and most focused we have ever made, this time with about 40% concrete to 60% French oak to ferment and age. Instead of huge gold color, oxidation, and zero visibility through the wine, the 2014 is much more refreshing and crisp while maintaining texture and density! We finally filtered this wine so customers did not have to ask why it was so cloudy!
  • 2013 White
    The 2013 White is very similar to the 2012 vintage, with bright fruit and acidity as opposed to being so golden in color and weird (the way I like it!). I believe it to be our best White since the '08 vintage
  • 2011 White
    In the past I have opted for big, dense and slightly oxidized style of white wine. This year is somewhat the same except that I have decided to blend my new block of Petit Manseng into the wine, which changes the finish completely. The wine starts with honeysuckle and dried peaches, then moves into a dense mid palate of apples and melons. The finish explodes with vibrant acidity powered by lemon zest and peaches. This wine has so much going on, so many different flavors that I believe my members need to experience it for the simple fact I haven't tasted anything on the market like it. Anticipated maturity: 2013-2016
  • 2012 White
    This will be the last ‘concrete white’ for a while. I will go back to aging in wood for a change of pace. As most of you know, I try to make this wine as funky as possible. I grew very tired of whites all tasting the same, so I set out to push the limits and make a white that you were not going to get anywhere else. I treat our white like I do a red, de-stemming the fruit and letting it ferment on the skins. This is why the color generally gets more golden and the flavors seem heavier. This 2012 seems less acidic with a bit more weight. It starts with a hint of lime then quickly moves to our traditional notes of apricot and honeysuckle. An extremely long finish and seamless mid-palate makes the 2012 White my favorite since our 2008 vintage. And better yet, like the ’08, it tastes like I’ve already aged it 5 years for you!