The Golden Vine
Brecon Estate
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Brecon Estate
7450 Vineyard Drive
Paso Robles, CA 93446
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  • 2012 Albariño
    "Golden straw color. Attractive aromas of peach cobbler, lemon curd and cream with a fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body with a honeyed apple, pineapple custard, and heb acentuated and balanced acidity. A delicious and juicy white wine for sipping and table."
  • 2013 Albariño
    Albariño is best known for its wonderfully crisp, yet aromatic qualities, which greatly enhance the flavour of food. Brecon’s Albariño adds a few twists - transplanting our grapes to within 2.5 miles of Central Coast’s famous beaches. The rolling marine fogs, cool the grapes which develop over a long, ripening period. Such remarkable climatic conditions lead to super intense flavours and aromas within the wine.
  • 2015 Albariño
    One of our signature wines, and for the first time ever, offered as a pure 100% unadulterated Albariño. These wonderfully crisp yet aromatic food wines have their homeland in the plateaus of Northern Spain where the best examples, like Brecon’s, come from within just a couple of miles of the coast. In California, marine fogs cool the grapes resulting in a long ripening period, super intense flavors and aromatics. Tropical complexity, richness and citrine characters came naturally in 2014 no need for that hint of Viognier we have traditionally added.
  • 2014 Cabernet Franc
  • 2012 Cabernet Franc
    The Cabernet Franc hails from one of the best vintages in many years. It is certainly not shy. It’s varietal character, fruit opulence and deep, red hues will please. A true classic and a keeper, the wine will mature gracefully for up to a decade. It’s a shame we bottled so little.
  • 2013 Cabernet Franc
    "All from estate vineyards, the 2013 Cabernet Franc (there's Petit Verdot in there) spent 17 months in 4new French oak and wasn't racked until bottling. It has lots of ripe cassis, licorice, smoke tobacco and a touch of toasted spice to go with a medium to full-bodied, nicely balanced feel on the palate. There's good typicity and it has enough ripe tannin to keep it drinking nicely through 2023."
  • 2013 Cabernet Syrah
    Inspired by Australia’s most expensive wine, Penfolds Grange. This iconic blend, combines the fruit forward elegance and black pepper of Brecon’s Kiler Canyon Syrah with the alluring structure of Brecon Estate Cabernet Sauvignon (Some of the oldest Cabernet Sauvignon vines in the Adelaida District).
  • 2014 Cabernet/Petite Sirah
    Scandinavians just love this style of wine. Something, we suspect, to cuddle up to when those icy baltic winds are howling. Brecon Old Vine Cabernet, AKA our Reserve Cabernet (say no more!). The balance is 100% our award winning Petite Sirah. Monster hit of upfront fruit, pretty damn intense mid palate and an intriguing, multi-layered chalky finish.
  • 2013 Conviction White Rhone
    Complexity comes through both varietal mix and an extensive smorgasbord of techniques. No  particular one dominating, rather they all complement and contribute to an intriguing style. You will find the influence of both toasty new and neutral french oak. Sur Lees fermentation, lees stirring, partial malolactic.
  • 2015 Conviction White Rhone
    Wonderfully layered aromatics, superb color and a very intriguing palate. Its the consummate winter white food wine. Rich and bold to the initial palate, it is immediately complemented by a veritable fruit bowl of citrus characters; lemon, lime, mandarin and grapefruit. Perfect compliment for creamy soups, chicken, and pasta dishes. Leaves the palate refreshed for that inevitable second helping.Inspiration for the name? Not all Australians are convicts! Ask my adorable wife. :-). But seriously it’s a white wine, with great aging potential, that takes a little faith at bottling that it will evolve into something really quite wonderful after just few a months in bottle.
  • 2013 Estate Meritage
    An unusually Malbec centric Meritage. So rarely is such a blend built around Malbec. However, this particular hilltop Malbec had such wonderful bright fruit intensity and naturally balancing acidity that it was clearly the basis of something special
  • 2012 Forty Two Red Rhone Blend
    Inspired by Douglas Adams’s book “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”.  A Rhone-style red blend wine. Is it the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything? Try it and find out!
  • 2013 Forty Two Red Rhone Blend
    Inspired by Douglas Adams’ book “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.” A Rhone-style red blend wine. Is it the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything? Try it and find out!
  • 2014 Grenache
  • 2013 Grenache
    These particular five barrels just seemed to say “Drink me!”.  It's a Wonderland thing. In reality this is our first offering labeled as the new Adelaida Subdistrict.So excellent pedigree. Silky smooth but richer in the midpalate than many of its vaunted peer set.
  • 2014 Meritage
    Malbec from La Vista, 31.45 Cabernet Sauvignon from Brecon, Petit Verdot. Live Oak.  The eagle eyed amongst you will spot this does not quite add up to. The balance is all Cabernet Franc
  • 2014 Mourverde
    The quintessential Mourvedre. Naturally sweet forest fruit characters. Fully ripe, smooth hilltop Mourvedre. Combined with a framework of complex smoky bacon and earthy overtones found only in 1st class examples
  • 2013 Petit Verdot
    Its amazing how Paso Robles can take some of these lesser known varieties, often used as blenders in traditional wine regions, to new dizzying heights. Bright velvety fruit, bags of varietal character, and excellent mid palate fruit weight; a real find
  • 2014 Petit Verdot
    It's amazing how Paso Robles can take some of these lesser known varieties, often used as blenders in traditional wine regions, to new dizzying heights. Bright velvety fruit, bags of varietal character, fantastic structure and excellent mid palate fruit weight; a real find.
  • 2012 Petite Sirah
    The Brecon Estate Petite Sirah possesses deep, dark, and mysterious hues. A monster fruit hit with balanced tannins and subtle framework of both fine French and complex American oaks. Platinum awarded, it is a great winter warmer - a true fireside wine.
  • 2013 Petite Sirah
    Deep dark mysterious hues and monster fruit hit with balanced tannins and subtle a framework of both fine French and complexing American Oak. Great winter warmer, fireside wine. Tuck away under the stairs for a few years, it will reward you well.
  • 2014 Reserve Cabernet
    The extra time in french oak (22 months) is really expressed in the silky smooth tannins and lingering finish. These older clones of cab produce complex elegant wines that respond well to such restrained use of oak. A robust framework rather than an overpowering heavy hand.
  • 2012 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
    Brecon has one of the oldest major plantings of Cabernet Sauvignon in the Adelaida Subdistrict. The vines naturally crop at around 2 tons per acre and get truly ripe in a drought year such as this. Explore the complex elegant wines that respond well to such restrained use of oak, that these older clones of Cabernet produce.
  • 2013 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
    This Cabernet deftly combines the oldest remaining Cabernet vineyards in both Adelaida (Brecon Estate) and York Mountain appellations. Equally old gnarly and essentially dry grown vines. The majority -Brecon component- provides the smooth sophistication while the York Mountain is all raw varietal intensity and deep intense hues. The combination is sublime.
  • 2014 Reserve Petite Sirah
  • 2014 Syrah
    Forget your typical Paso style Syrah. This is Syrah in a bright exuberant alive almost gregarious form. Truly flavor ripe with a complex framework of both American and French fine oaks. A true foodie Syrah that any Francophile would be proud of. Lifting and complementing a wide range of flavourful dishes without dominating.
  • 2012 Syrah
    A powerful, ripe, fruit forward Syrah with ever-so-smooth tannins and a subtle framework of spice. A new-world style wine, which has (rightfully) made Paso Robles Westside Syrah famous. Brecon’s Australian-style twist on the theme was to mature the  clone 99 in fine, American barrels, aged in the world-famous Barossa Valley cooperage.
  • 2013 Zinfandel
    If you prefer your Zins a little on the wilder / spicier / peppery side then this might be just the offering for you.  A single vineyard Zin (“The neighbour’s block”),  enriched early on with 20% Petite Sirah and 4.9% Old Vine Cabernet. The subtle oaks and ripe fruits integrate for 26 months before bottling. Altogether a serious, food friendly, Zin. Powerful and well structured mid palate yet somehow bright, soft, and silky.
  • 2012 Zinfandel
    The Zinfindel comes from the core vineyard which defined our predecessor’s cult Zin status. The Old Casteel vineyard is a mere stone’s throw by trebuchet from Brecon Estate. Located at 1500', the vineyard grows struggling vines with tiny berries. Our wine has everything you should expect from a great Zin.
  • 2014 Zinfandel/Tannat
    Frequently hidden in Zin at 3-4%, here it’s unashamedly