The Golden Vine
Artiste Winery
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Artiste Winery
2948 Grand Ave Studio E
Los Olivos, CA 93441
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Walk-ins are welcome at this location. Enjoy a tasting flight for $15.00, waived with a 3 bottle purchase. Please note that the last pour for this location begins at 5 p.m.
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  • 2016 A Great Pinot
    In true Artiste style, this artwork absolutely inspired this wine of blending two very different Burgundian varietals into one classic Pinot Noir. Bright fruit, cherry, raspberries with an earthy, woodsy, butterscotch, bold pinot combined with a tropical fruit forward Chardonnay, created a perfect balance with an elegant long lasting finish. Quiet tannins will allow for a nice aging of 3-5 years.
  • 2015 Allumer
    This Southern Rhone inspired blend predominately displays aromatics of dried herbs and flowers, blackberry cobbler, sugar plums, white pepper, orange rind, nutmeg and new saddle leather, with a long finish of smoked French oak and blackberry creme brûlée.
  • 2016 Alongside
    With the holidays around corner and you are about to have your family alongside with you it’s time to think of the perfect wine. With notes of cinnamon, fig and a hit of pumpkin seed this will help enhance those holiday smells. On the palate you will get dried cranberries, forest floor and tasty figs. Alongside is the perfect wine to bring to your Thanksgiving table.
  • 2016 Ancient Reflections
    The aromas are of blueberry, black cherry and violets with toasted hazelnut, roasted meat and blue fruits on the palate. Weighty mouthfeel and rounded tannins combine for a soft finish.
  • 2016 Autumn Oak
    This is our go to wine for winter 2016 with notes of baking spices, crushed flowers, tea leaf on the nose, strawberry, bing cherry, tart cranberry and rubarb on the palate, beautifully intertwined on a broad, soft palate with a lingering finish.
  • 2016 Beach Dunes
    Who says you can’t have wine at your football parties? With smoke bresaola, vanilla and fresh crushed walnuts on the nose and coca, prunes and coffee spiking touchdowns on your tongue. This is the perfect wine to pair with your Sunday ticket and BBQs!
  • 2017 Eiffel Rose
    A Rhone style rose blend with painting bty John Bramblitt.
  • 2016 Entree
    Tantalizing cranberry from the Cabernet Franc preps the palate for the soft, juicy Grenache/ finished with a final course of Earthy and spicy esters from the Tempranillo/Syrah.
  • 2016 Final Details
    Scents of grassy fields, straw, gardenia and agave. Flavors of creamy honeysuckle, pineapple, banana, pear and a green apple finish. Juicy and delicious!
  • 2016 Fleurs
    Inspired by the painting, Fluers exudes an intoxicating bouquet of ripe dark fruits, from prunes and raisins to currants and blackberries, weaved together with hints of potpourri, pine forest floor, green herbs, black pepper and toasty oak. Soft tannins make this wine drinkable now, but the collector would be rewarded if cellared properly until 202
  • 2017 Free Spirit
    Strong aromas of rosemary, fresh cut herbs, green pepper, blackberry, coconut and wine soaked fresh cut wood. Taste the flavors of candied walnuts, vanilla, rosemary twigs, asparagus combined with a very jammy fruit forward smooth ride. This wine is sure to please every palate.
  • 2015 Fruition
    This wine’s elegant journey begins with aromas of Gardenia, white pepper and vanilla extract. With the first sip, taste the juicy flavors of cherry pie that dances on your tongue. What’s next? A vacation in the tropics, of course! Coconut, floral leis and ocean mist. The finish is like coming home to family. Bright love and acceptance.
  • 2017 Grin
    The quintessential Summer wine. Playful, fruit forward with a nice acidity to offer brightness to the finish. Italian inspired with flavors of rosemary, lavender, tea and herb garden. Breath in the smells of fresh baked turnover pie. This wine will sure to put a grin on your face this summer and summers to come.
  • 2016 Haven
    Aroma with fresh pine trees and sweet cobbler on the nose will perfectly compliment your holiday decorations. On the palate you will have cherry, honey crisp apple, black currant and a hint of English breakfast tea. This wine will help keep you warm on those cold winter nights.
  • 2015 Il Giardino
    When you open this buried cedar box full of dried fruits and herbs after the first Spring rain in your garden, you will remember this wine’s Earthy petrichor being deeply accented by strawberry/rhubarb, black cherries, black olives, fresh green tea leaves, anise, ripe plums, honey, cinnamon sticks, and a myriad of herbs and spices that continue on without regard for time, like a great conversation with your dearest friend.
  • 2014 La Fontaine
    Roasted nuts, dried herbs, flower petals and spices are followed by charred cedar, dark cherries, red peppers, vanilla bean, and the subjective list goes on into as it flows endlessly into eternity. A medium bodied wine and well balanced, ever evolving arrangement, La Fontaine must be the wine spilling from Bacchus’ fountain,... constantly intriguing.
  • 2014 La Musique
    This wine composition of Italian and French varietals was mixed con brio [with spirit, with vigour] in an appassionato [Passionate] way. Because of it's accelerando [accelerating; gradually increasing tempo] it is challenging to hear the silence in LaMusique. Allegretto [a little lively, moderately fast], the Merlot definately sets the tempo, but the accompaniment of Primitivo and Dolcetto contributed a rich vibrato [vibration], while the Petit Verdot gave this wine it's groove.
  • 2016 Le Bec Sucre 4
  • 2014 Le Danseuse
  • 2015 Les Citrons
    A concentrated core of citrus grove floor, sherry, ripe fig Newtons, black cherries, and lemon drops are dramatically accented by Red Hots, fresh dill-like herbs, black licorice and cigar box. Doctor offers this wine to her patient, uttering, "Take heed with an open mind".
  • 2016 Let Loose
    A collision of exploratory testing of all the senses into different mediums, violating rules and expectations, and just following ones instincts. Let your hair down, and enjoy this artistic rendering, a colorful collaboration.
  • 2016 Let Loose Magnum
    A collision of exploratory testing of all the senses into different mediums, violating rules and expectations, and just following ones instincts. Let your hair down, and enjoy this artistic rendering, a colorful collaboration.
  • 2015 Luce Autunno
    Luce Autunno has well integrated French oak vanillin and a hint of smoky American oak decorate that decorate a medley of fresh cranberries, dried strawberries, raisins, raspberries, oregano, dill and All-spice. Medium bodied, the palate is dry and slightly tart, a perfect to pair with rich and buttery holiday cuisine.
  • 2015 Marina Del Sol
    A bold and distinct wine that appeals to a broad palette. Aromas of Herbs de Provence, Root vegetables and light pine. Flavors of Tangerine/Citrus Grove and a white pepper finish. A wonderful pairing with Caesar salad and Crispy Pork Bellies with Baby Bok Choy.
  • 2017 Melting
  • 2017 Old Reliable
    Aromas of beef stew, violets and fresh mountain air. Vanilla, raspberry and chocolate provide a smooth lasting finish. Hop in and enjoy the ride!
  • 2016 Old Soul
    This BARBERA based blend moves gracefully from a powerful Earthy must, to a bold and spicy center, followed by robust and rich dark fruits to bring balance and round out the palate. Intrinsically complex already, this wine will continue to evolve for those patient wise souls that invest in proper cellaring.
  • 2014 Pegase
    This blend, inspired by the art that
adorns the bottle, opens it’s wings after the first ten minutes, showing off it’s
beautiful Bing cherry/licorice combination with white pepper, smoke and
allspice, followed by strawberries, cranberries, rhubarb and buttered pie
crust. But, Pegas takes flight with more patience, and after thirty minutes it
continues to show off wildly complex notes of orange peel and lemon grass, then accents of jasmine and rose petals, powdered tin candies and cedar shavings.
Pegas will take at least two years of proper cellaring to tame.
  • 2014 Prepara
    Fresh raspberry, purple grape lollypop, mint leaves, prune, lilacs, violets, dry finish with red fruit medley, dill-like dried herbs, medium tannin, smoke, white pepper, raspberry, peppercorn, smoky, green herb and a nutty finish.
  • 2015 Radiance
    The nose is filled with scents of red, yellow and green peppercorns, red leaf lettuce, straw and cinnamon. The flavors open to an earthiness of leather and tobacco, combined with a perceived sweetness of butterscotch, dried cranberries and spicy notes of cinnamon stick.
  • 2015 Reverie
    Aromas filled with fresh cut herbs after a rain shower, juniper twig and baby's breath. All matching perfectly with sun kissed strawberries, apricot nectar, rosemary, dill and thyme. The perfect corsage for your date. A California style blend.
  • 2015 Rouge Balcon
    Concentrated raspberry coulis, Bing cherries and ripe plums are enhanced by generous layers of maple smoked bacon, charred oak, aged tobacco leaves, brown sugar, black pepper, and mint chocolate. When on the Red balcony, Stop = Go.
  • 2016 Spiritual
    Blackberry, black cherry, currants and oak spice on the nose. Boyesnberry, cherry and brambly black current on the palate. This wine has a broad palate with fine-grained tannins and a nice grip.
  • 2015 Tango
    A Medoc style blend. Originally released in Autumn 2007. Deja Vu release Fall 2015.
  • 2016 The Look
    Seductive red fruits explode from the glass, wrapping the palate with a taunting and sensual swirl of smoke and spices, exiting gracefully with a velvety, satin finish.