The Golden Vine
140 Industrial Way
Buellton, CA 93427
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  • Monday
    12:00 pm-5:00 pm
  • Friday
    12:00 pm-5:00 pm
  • Saturday
    11:00 am-5:00 pm
  • Sunday
    11:00 am-5:00 pm
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Walk-ins are welcome at this location. Reservations are required for parties larger than 8. Located along Industrial Way this label shares a courtyard with Helix, Imagine Wine, and Cholame.
For your Wine Adventure:
  • Santa Ynez AVA
    Santa Ynez AVA
  • Wine Maker
    Wine Maker
    Matt Kowalczyk
  • Outdoor SeatingOutdoor Seating: 12
  • 2011 Fall Colors
    Traditional Cabernet. Bold and beautiful. Smoothe.
  • 2012 Fall Colors
    Traditional Cabernet. Bold and beautiful. Smoothe. During warm years, as it was in 2012, the Santa Ynez Valley Cabernet’s rival the world’s best.
  • 2014 Grenache Blanc
    Barrel aged and full-bodied white wine with mandarin orange aromas and a crisp balanced mouth feel. An excellent big food wine
  • 2013 Malbec
    Grown in Paso Robles on a small family farm I helped pick the fruit because the owner’s were shorthanded after one of the worker trucks broke down. Blueberry flavors in a smooth easy drinking wine.
  • 2008 Merlot
  • 2012 Petite Sirah
    Sourced from the same vineyard as the Malbec this is a huge, luscious, everlasting wine. For those that love deep dark swirls in their glass without an excessive tannic bite…this is your wine!
  • 2008 Petite Sirah
  • 2015 Pinot Noir
    Bigger, bolder than most due to extra heat in 2015 the varietal called for robust treatment. Pinot yes, delicate…slightly. I embrace a little extra extraction and oak. Not quite performance enhancing but close. Come for Pinot and leave impressed at the possibilities.
  • 2016 Summer Dreams
    Silky clean, smartly balanced white wine that is wonderfully packaged. The 2016 line-up presents no better lead off. Barrel fermented, aged sur lie this simple grape is now forced to express serious character.
  • 2016 Summer Dreams
    Refreshing. Grenache is often best expressed in Rose’ forms. Pressed on the skins shortly after harvest the result is a blissfully elegant pale backdrop to balance. The tightrope between red and white. Rose’ is indeed becoming the wine for all occasions.
  • 2009 Syrah