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  • 2009 El Alma de Jonata "The Soul"
    The resulting wine shows all of the classic perfumed Alma notes of lavender, cacao, black olive, scorched earth, graphite and dusty herbal nuances. However, the 2009 also displays the dense and incredibly powerful black fruit that cabernet franc is capable of producing in warmer vintages. The fruit jumps out behind the ethereal and complex initial aromatics and dominates on the full bodied and opulent mid palate. The stout tannins and backing acidity should supply ample support for years of evolution and cellar maturity to come—a heady and perfumed monster of a young wine, in the same footprint as the 2007. Chewy and complete.
  • 2008 El Alma de Jonata "The Soul"
    More of an elegant ballerina than the heavy weight boxing 2007, the ethereal and perfumed nose shows pure cassis, blackberry, pencil shavings, lavender and an earthy dust-like note. Scorched earth and violets add an exotic hint to the swirling nose. On the palate the wine shows off a balance between vibrant bright red fruit and denser blackberry richness along with a wide array of earth, spice and herbal elements, all held aloft by the invigorating 2008 acidity. The 2008 Alma finishes with some of the finest grained tannins ever off the property; they seem to linger infinitely as the bramble-like black fruit continues to come in waves.
  • 2011 El Alma de Jonata "The Soul" Cabernet Franc
    Heady and colorful nose of red fruit, black kalamata olive, fresh green herbs and clean, brown earth. It is an experience just smelling this blend. Seductive stuff. A wine of balance and intrigue. Dark bittersweet chocolate, dried leaves, sweet tobacco, black tea and Luxardo cherries. Stays fresh and refined across the palate and finishes with a note of minty coolness and firm yet fine tannin. Cooler climate cabernet franc at its complete and complex best.
  • 2006 El Alma de Jonata "The Soul" Cabernet Franc
    Alluring aromas of cassis, pencil shavings, black raspberry, cedar and a touch of herbal undertones. Elegant and seductive. Perfume of violets and black fruit. Constantly evolving in the glass. A wine of balanced black fruit, generous mid palate weight and fine grained tannins. Asian spice and plum. Layers of fruit, flowers and herbs cascade in the mouth. Tough to refrain from popping cork and enjoying today, but time in bottle should provide even more complexity and refinement.
  • 2004 El Alma de Jonata "The Soul" Cabernet Franc
    The 2004 cabernet franc blend shows great balance between sweet black fruit and the herbal, Asian spice character so often found in this classic grape. Alongside cassis and black plum it displays characteristic notes of graphite, black olive and rose petal on the nose. In the mouth, this wine is very generous and rich, with flavors reminiscent of dark chocolate-covered raspberries. Its velvety texture flows into the finish with ultra-fine grained tannins that coat the mouth, but don’t overwhelm the elegance of the fruit. Very focused and pure wine.
  • 2013 El Alma de Jonata "The Soul" Cabernet Franc
    Coy and reserved at first, then ripe and musky on the nose with rosemary, mint, dark chocolate and perfumed incense. Black cherry, cassis and pine needles. Such a sensual nose. Supple dark chocolate and sweet black raspberries on the palate. Creamy and generous. Clove and pipe tobacco. Chalky and tight tannins reminiscent of cacao nibs. Reticent; showing voluptuousness then covering up. Fascinating Alma displaying the poetic side of Franc.
  • 2012 El Alma de Jonata "The Soul" Cabernet Franc
    Perfumed nose of cedar, raspberry jam, dried herbs, dark chocolate and chickoree coffee. Dark fruit and dark chocolate on the palate that remains focused and pure. Terrific length with muscular tannins that slowly take over and lead to a smoky and dark finish. Structured for the cellar with small tannins that completely cover the front and back palate. This remarkable Alma should reward patience and drink beautifully for years to come.
  • 2007 El Alma de Jonata "The Soul" Cabernet Franc
    At first glance the 2007 represents an intense combination of cabernet franc’s two distinct sides: Intense black fruit and dusty herbal nuances, an intermingling of scorched earth, black raspberry, lavender, graphite and pencil shavings. This is definitely the most expressive nose of any Alma to date, but still hiding a world of aromas to develop over time in bottle. On the palate, one finds precision and clarity, with flavors ranging through bittersweet chocolate, blackberries, earth and toasty oak wrapped in fine tannins and an extraordinarily elegant finish.
  • 2005 El Alma de Jonata "The Soul" Cabernet Franc
    Nose of fresh strawberries, ripe raspberries and savory nuances give way to elusive floral notes of lavender and violets. An earthy, dusty character also shines through in the aromatic spectrum. Flavors of tart cherry and minerals. Restrained, but still showing signs of a future lush and broad mouthfeel. Lively sangiovese acidity and mouth coating tannins round out the finish.
  • 2005 El Corazon "The Heart" de Jonata
    Wide mélange of flavors faithfully illustrates the kitchen sink of variety of grapes within the glass. Aromas of smoked meats, wild honey, soy sauce, white truffle, black cherry, cola, brown sugar and oak char. Dizzying yet tempting complexity. Generous and full bodied with mix of blackberry, mushroom notes and smoke. Very approachable at this stage with loads of soft fruit and firm, yet giving tannins. Length, length and length on finish.
  • 2004 El Corazon "The Heart" de Jonata
    Like the 2004 Syrah, this exotic blend is completely black in color. The extremely complex nose is forever changing in the glass. Each swirl reveals herbs de provenance, anise, fresh blueberry, dried chamomile and gamey, soy sauce notes. Black fruit dominates the huge body of this wine with jam-like concentration. An equally large combination of young, chalky tannins and firm acidity takes a hold of this wine, leaving a long lasting finish with hints of fresh berries and herbs.
  • 2010 El Desafio de Jonata "The Defiance" Cabernet Sauvignon
    Absolute 201 One pick taken from nearly every block of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and petit verdot. This complex blend shows the pronounced voice of each individual block and grape variety. The grapes were sorted in the vineyard during harvest to allow us to dodge the curve balls thrown at us in the form of numerous October rains. The best of the best and sadly the only Bordeaux lot worthy of the Jonata name in 201 Unmatched in its layers of aromatic complexity, with decadent black fruit, hints of pepper, cool mineral notes, and the perfect touch of herbaceaousness. For those bemoaning the loss of Alma, the higher than normal percentage of cabernet franc in this blend comes screaming out of the glass with lavender and a cool minty side. The black fruit from the cabernet acts as the anchor with silky texture and a strong backbone of structure. Some flesh and plummy sweetness from the merlot rounds out the mid palate. The true miracle wine and a blend that speaks volumes to the powerful personality and toughness of the Jonata vineyard. Tightly coiled like the sangiovese with dusty tannins that will reward patience in the cellar. An unforgettable Desafio! The ultimate act of defiance; a ripe, layered and luscious Bordeaux blend from a patience-trying vintage.
  • 2013 El Desafio de Jonata "The Defiance" Cabernet Sauvignon
    Ripe red fruit moving to black fruit and fresh mushrooms. Perfumed and lifted. Cassis and freshly turned soil. Stunning combination of black and evergreen. Regal structure that starts out taut and fleshes out with time in the glass. Mint leaves. Coolness. Black olive and smoky fruit. Intense structure with beautifully robust tannins. Classic Jonata cabernet sauvignon.
  • 2006 El Desafio de Jonata "The Defiance" Cabernet Sauvignon
    Bouquet of crème de cassis, black licorice and lifted black fruit jump from the glass. Complex touches of mint, cedar and loamy soil. Rose petals and cigar boxes. Bittersweet chocolate. Fresh red fruit and blackberry. Chewy and dense sweet black fruit, toasty hints and earthy notes on the palate. Supple, dusty tannins act to softly bring the wine to a crescendo of flavor and texture and lead to a lengthy finish reminiscent of fresh blackberries. An elegant and soft wine that surprises with its complexity and power.
  • 2012 El Desafio de Jonata "The Defiance" Cabernet Sauvignon
    An evocative nose defined by true cassis and gorgeous dark green notes of licorice, dried herbs and nori. Muscular, dense and structured; everything cab should be. Manages to also be restrained with black fruit intertwined with dusty herbal notes. More darkness, more power, more complexity. Picks up momentum on the palate. Remains refined and somewhat reserved today. Stands in line with the legendary 2009 Desafio. Dark and brooding; another stunning defiance.
  • 2004 El Desafio de Jonata "The Defiance" Cabernet Sauvignon
    This wine displays the classic character of this noble grape with piercing aromas of pure cassis, cedar and dusty herbal notes dominating the nose. The texture of this wine is velvety smooth and full bodied. In the mouth it is intense and complex, shifting between the black fruit, dark chocolate and tobacco flavors. A strong acid backbone and soft fine grained tannins come together to form an elegant finish.
  • 2009 El Desafio de Jonata "The Defiance" Cabernet Sauvignon
    In this bottle of 2009 Desafio, we’ve produced what I consider to be the definition of Jonata cabernet: in the glass it displays classic cabernet notes of cassis, tobacco, cedar, subtle smoke and dark chocolate. There is a distinct earthiness to this blend that creates a great counterbalance to the immense fruit evident everywhere on this red. Plush and soft on the attack, the Desafio envelops the palate in silky black fruit and liquid minerality. Its formidable nature becomes even more evident as the cascade of tannins begins, coating the mouth with legions of firm, but incredibly fine grained tannins—a textural ride on the palate. For all of its ripeness and voluminous fruit, this wine remains sincere not only to the earthiness and complexity of cabernet sauvignon, but also to the unique cool climate of the Jonata terroir.
  • 2007 El Desafio de Jonata "The Defiance" Cabernet Sauvignon
    Following in the footsteps of its Desafio predecessors, the 2007 displays classic notes of cassis, cedar and herbs, but with its impenetrable density, brooding aromas and teeth staining power alongside surprising elegance. This may well prove to be our most impressive and complete cabernet sauvignon expression to date. Dark chocolate covered raspberries, anise, mint and cigar box, barbeque smoke and black olive—sincere to variety with a Ballard Canyon/Santa Ynez Valley twist in its depth of black fruit and concentration.
  • 2005 El Desafio de Jonata "The Defiance" Cabernet Sauvignon
    Exhibiting a lifted nose that jumps out of the glass with piercing red fruit that mingles with black fruit and a complex combination of cigar box, exotic spices, herbal notes and toasty oak. Sweet black fruit and dusty earth explode in the mouth and move seamlessly to a finish with classic powerfully structured cabernet tannins. Very closed, young and tight. Benefit from extended cellaring/decanting to fully exhibit the full array of it power.
  • 2011 El Desafio de Jonata "The Defiance" Cabernet Sauvignon
    Sings in the glass immediately. Much like its sister, El Alma, it has delicate earth and herbal notes. Cacao, black plum, espresso, dust and black licorice. It is a completely different beast on the palate. It is juicy and packed with mouthwatering fruit. Cabernet sauvignon thrived in 2011 and it shows immediately on the mid palate and long lingering finish. At 9cabernet sauvignon, it is apparent that the “king of grapes” didn’t need any help from its Bordeaux brethren to fill any holes in tis vintage. This cabernet sauvignon fires on all cylinders. It has monstrous intensity of fruit and palate filling chalky tannin. A sparkling and pristine presentation of Desafio.
  • 2008 El Desafio de Jonata "The Defiance" Cabernet Sauvignon
    Much like the 2008 El Alma, this wine is defined by its grace and elegance. It displays the explosive Aromatics of the 2008 vintage with classic blackberry, cassis, black olive, mocha and cedar. It’s loaded with black fruit and full of tobacco, herbs and dust like the 2007, but with a level of delicacy that keeps the wine lighter and more active on the palate in its youth. At the same time, the density of the fruit sneaks up and surprises after the supple attack, leading in turn to extremely fine grained tannins that convey espresso bean notes and blackberries though a long lasting finish. The El Desafio 2008 is a complete wine that epitomizes the delicacy, focus and quiet power of the vintage.
  • 2012 Fenix "Phoenix" Merlot
    A deft balancing act between luscious black fruit and herbal notes of black olive and fresh mint. The two sides of merlot. Currently the softest and most expansive on the palate with loads of blackberry leading the way. Velvet. Remarkably long finish that echoes the depth of fruit. Textured for immediate drinking pleasure, but structured to also reward a decade in the cellar. Such a pleasure to be able to offer this special wine after a long absence. It is obvious at this point that 2012 offered absolutely perfect conditions for this often finicky grape.
  • 2013 Fenix "Phoenix" Merlot
    Robust and sexy. A veritable black hole of sweet black fruit and structure. Layers and layers of powdered tannins. Rose petals and cinnamon. Red licorice and dried strawberry. Soft and pillow-like mid palate attack. Immense. Supremely rich. Huge push of herb-laced bold fruit with notes of cedar. Erupts with wonderful fruit push on the finish. Cacao tannins. Salted caramel and toasty oak. Lingers with nuance of dried blueberries and charred steak.
  • 2007 Fenix "Phoenix" Merlot
    This is the first merlot-based wine off the property and a-true-to-variety offering it is, showing bittersweet chocolate chips, black raspberry and smoke. Both exotic and pure at the same time, I am reminded of homemade blueberry preserves and cobbler. Like all truly great merlot, it’s sumptuously textured on the entry, velvety fruit that expands and gains momentum in the mouth. The Fenix finishes with a splash of vibrant red berries and palate staining tannins that flex, but quickly release to let the fruit linger on the finish.
  • 2008 Fenix "Phoenix" Merlot
    Although the Fenix is still a “young’un” holding its cards close to its chest, as it unfolds, a cascade of cassis, black olive and earthy mushroom notes pour out of the glass--this is truly a wine for the decanter. Dig deeper and you find Merlot’s classic plum quality and mid-palate toasty notes, melding with that telltale velveteen texture as it spreads across the palate. Black and suave with fine grained tannins and great length.
  • 2006 Flor "Flower" Sauvignon Blanc
    Pale straw color. Intense nose of citrus peel and lemon curd. Complex notes of wet stone and mineral. Tart grapefruit flavors emerge on the palate along with incredible depth and weight and an almost creamy texture. This leads to a mouthwatering and balanced finish highlighted by bright acidity and lingering notes of fresh pineapple.
  • 2005 Flor "Flower" Sauvignon Blanc
    Pale straw color. Intense nose of citrus peel and lemon curd. Complex notes of wet stone and mineral. Tart grapefruit flavors emerge on the palate along with incredible depth and weight and an almost creamy texture. This leads to a mouthwatering and balanced finish highlighted by bright acidity and lingering notes of fresh pineapple.
  • 2011 Flor "Flower" Sauvignon Blanc
    With every new vintage of Flor, I feel that we are reaching new heights of balance, charm, power, and subtlety. The vines gain an extra year of maturity and grow deeper roots and the wines seem to respond directly and gain a new level of depth of their own. The nose is pure Flor with pungent notes of orange zest, lemon blossom, sweet custard, and dried chamomile. sémillon adds an extra dimension of poignancy on the palate. The dance between the fat of sémillon and the zing of sauvignon blanc is fine tuned in this offering. Higher acidity than the previous offering and one I am anxious to revisit in five and then ten years.
  • 2013 Flor "Flower" Sauvignon Blanc
    Classic Flor aromas of chamomile tea, sweet orange candies and lemon custard. Candied grapefruit skins. This 2013 turns everything up a few notches. Massive on the attack. Goes to 11. Speaks to the sunshine and ripeness of the 2013 vintage. Loud and proud and like nothing else on earth. Such decadence and refinement. Should be full of freshness, tension and vibrancy in ten years. Perfect testament to the “Flor” block at Jonata. The perfect marriage of sand and sauvignon blanc.
  • 2012 Flor "Flower" Sauvignon Blanc
    Musky beeswax and lemon custard. Apricot brioche. Pink grapefruit. Waxy notes from the sémillion. An absolutely decadent vintage for Flor with ample fruit weight and richness. Shows the sunny personality of 2012 in its density and mid palate weight. It is also bright and full of saline notes. Oyster shell. A Flor for the ages. Same vein as 2007, 2009. Classic Jonata lime pith and candied grapefruit on the finish.
  • 2009 Flor "Flower" Sauvignon Blanc
    Following in the Flor tradition, the 2009 offers up the aromatic profile of a delicate and floral white, but surprises with its vast fruit weight and immense density and intensity. Never before has this sensational tightrope act been more pronounced thanks to the combination of a warm September and the beautiful partnership that exists between the vibrant sauvignon blanc and the rich sémillon. The 2009 blend is unforgettable—during a recent tasting, we likened it to the dancing elephants in the movie, Fantasia, as it remains light on its feet even with its considerable weight.
  • 2007 Flor "Flower" Sauvignon Blanc
    Pale straw color. Intense nose of citrus peel and lemon curd. Complex notes of wet stone and mineral. Tart grapefruit flavors emerge on the palate along with incredible depth and weight and an almost creamy texture. This leads to a mouthwatering and balanced finish highlighted by bright acidity and lingering notes of fresh pineapple.
  • 2014 Flor "Flower" Sauvignon Blanc
    A blend in perfect balance. Fresh and delicate, but also ripe and wild. Essence of white peach. Juicy with sage, citrus oil and mint. Lemon cucumber and dried apricot on the palate. Jasmine lift. Succulent and bright. Light tannins on finish, which give the impression of peach skin.
  • 2008 Flor "Flower" Sauvignon Blanc
    Dizzying aromatic lift of dried pineapple, honey, frangipani, lemon blossom, mandarin orange and beeswax. The weighty palate is bursting with citrus and mineral notes, which gain momentum through a finish of concentrated fruit combined with mouthwatering acidity—a rollercoaster ride in the mouth.
  • 2010 Flor "Flower" Sauvignon Blanc
    This is our first vintage using sauvignon blanc clone 1 (9% of the blend); its telltale herbal and grassy notes comingle beautifully with the honey, lime zest, smoke and chamomile elements from the other varieties—all wrapped in a complex leesy note. With remarkable richness and density, our estate-driven white blend is defined by its exotic nose and dense, honeyed mid-palate. Orange marmalade, candied grapefruit and lemon curd form the attack on the palate, underscoring a juicy and full-bodied mouthfeel. This decadent white starts to lean towards an oil-like viscosity, but is kept taut, tantalizingly refreshing and clean by the bright and focused Jonata acidity. Our most dense and complete Flor to date.
  • 2012 Fuerza "Strength" Petit Verdot
    Like the Fenix, it is such a sincere pleasure to taste this blend after a four-year hiatus; another long lost friend. Absolutely impenetrable color in the glass that hints at what is to come. Spiraling nose immediately jumps out of the glass with floral aromas and spicy black fruit. Notes of mint and very fine espresso. Hard to even name all of the aromatic nuances: charred tri tip, mesquite, blackberry, vanilla, Chinese five spice and green peppercorns. Pure candied blueberry on the palate. Hedonistic and surprisingly soft and generous even at this early stage. Pure fruit with very fine tannins and gorgeous echoes of peppercorn and espresso bean. I was absolutely floored by this wine.
  • 2006 Fuerza "Strength" Petit Verdot
    Impenetrable black color. A seeming abyss in the glass. Hedonistic nose of black fruit, cedar, espresso bean and sanguine notes. Sweet vanilla and baking spices combined with meaty and gamey nuances. Glass staining; velvety and rich in the mouth. Fresh blackberry. Subtle tannins sneak up until they gently envelope the entire palate, but somehow leave just enough room for the seemingly endless finish of vibrant black fruit to shine through.
  • 2005 Fuerza "Strength" Petit Verdot
    Pure black color with barely discernable red around edges. Serious color is accompanied by brooding and dark nose highlighted by notes of pure bramble, fresh crushed blackberries. As it sits in the glass it evolves to savory notes of meat and mineral. In the mouth it is all encompassing, covering every inch with sheer power and depth. An almost oil-like viscosity carries the monstrous weight with elegance. The petit verdot tannins feign an attack on the whole mouth, but instead deliver firm and pleasurable grip. A wine to be put down and revisited with age and serious steak.
  • 2008 Fuerza "Strength" Petit Verdot
    Where this wine is concerned, there will be no sneaking up on anyone. As with its predecessors it proclaims in a loud voice that it has arrived, with a knockout nose of Jonata black raspberry jam, hazelnut, Asian spices, chicory coffee and Nutella. It carries a larger-than-life, dark and brooding nose that portends to the density waiting in the glass. Teeth staining black fruit with a hint of pepper on the palate, this petit verdot is almost chewy in its massive fruit weight. Hints of Santa Rosa plum and a walnut-like texture arrive on the finish. As with past vintages, the tannins in this 2008 initially growl like a tiger, but release their grip early allowing the purity of black fruit to shine through astonishing length.
  • 2007 Fuerza "Strength" Petit Verdot
    The only fair way to describe the 2007 La Fuerza’s appearance is impenetrable and inky. Impossibly dark and brooding aromas of black fruit, crushed blackberries, espresso roast, Asian spices, tar, powerful sanguine notes and blueberry preserves. On the palate, the viscosity and weight of the fruit almost tips the balance, but is quickly drawn back in by the lively acidity of petit verdot. This is a linebacker of a wine; it can hit hard, but maintains high energy and surprising lightness. Small tannins become evident throughout the mouth, creating a texture that acts as a perfect bookend, allowing one to chew and ponder the beautiful and pure black fruit that lingers on and on.
  • La Miel de Jonata "The Honey" Dessert Wine
    Enticing notes of lemon custard and orange marmalade. Cointreau-like nose. Focused sweet flavors of nectarine and candied peaches. Bracing acidity balances out the sweetness and the caramelized flavors seem endless on the finish.
  • 2004 La Sangre de Jonata "The Blood" Syrah
    Blood-like color and brooding nose. Nearly impenetrable black hue. A broad spectrum of aromas swirl out of the glass from black licorice, violets and blackberries to tar and grilled meat characters. On the palate, this wine explodes with a massive serving of sweet black fruit, earthy nuances and pie crust nuances. The ample, but balanced acidity and gripping, yet forgiving tannins offer a hint of the long life ahead of this young, dark and powerful wine.
  • 2011 La Sangre de Jonata "The Blood" Syrah
    This is the first Sangre to include significant amounts of passito-style dried and whole cluster fermented wines (20%) and also a dollop of grenache (6%). The resulting notes of dried herbs on the nose and the blast of ripe red fruit on the palate are a welcome addition to the simultaneously chaotic and focused mélange that is Sangre. It is beyond perfumed on the nose, but remains tightly coiled on the palate. With time in glass it opens to showcase peeks of velvet and plush richness on the mid palate. The earthy side of syrah also plays a large role. It is soft and supple with remarkably fine tannins. This is a special Sangre.
  • 2010 La Sangre de Jonata "The Blood" Syrah
    An explosively aromatic wine with jasmine, black pepper and hard blackberry candies. Though it is the most powerful of the Jonata reds in 2010, it also already strikes me as the most cohesive and complete at this stage. Unforgettable purity of fruit throughout and a remarkable weight on the palate. This wine boasts the most velvety midpalate of any Sangre to date. It flows across the palate with incredible energy and unmatched power. Seamless! The tannins build slowly at the start and form a formidable tower that will certainly reward cellaring. 2010 Sangre strikes me as a blend between the best aspects of the 2008 and 2009 Sangre in its combination of impenetrable black fruit, formidable extract and surprising brightness.
  • 2009 La Sangre de Jonata "The Blood" Syrah
    With eight hours of decanting: Floral notes begin to appear, the density becomes more evident and the finish begins to show its seemingly endless flourish. At the beginning of day two, this wine has decided to speak in more depth. As it comes out of its shell, the 2009 reveals itself to be the most powerful and potentially age-worthy Sangre to date, as black fruit, black spice and meaty notes dominate the nose, the palate and the finish. By day three it’s in full glory—a shy and mysterious bruiser of a wine that promises years and years of development and beautiful drinking (as if you can wait three days to drain the bottle). The most “wow” I’ve sensed in a young La Sangre to date.
  • 2013 La Sangre de Jonata "The Blood" Syrah
    Still tight and closed, which is a great sign for a young Sangre with such a long life ahead. Scents of black plum, black pepper and soy sauce. Savory notes combine with lifted black fruit. Shows its power on the attack with superbly sweet mulberry fruit. Dense and chewy like all of the 2013 reds. Tightly wound with ultra fine tannin wrapped around a savory core. Dried mushroom, clove and black truffle. Exceptionally well-endowed Sangre. A wild animal of a wine. Built in a similar mold to the epic 2005 and 2009 Sangre bottlings.
  • 2008 La Sangre de Jonata "The Blood" Syrah
    The 2008 syrah is a sensory ride that starts strong out of the gate and accelerates to dizzying heights. Based more in the red fruit end of the spectrum, this version of La Sangre also features the classic grilled steak, white pepper, cacao, iodine, tar and truffles that have defined our previous vintages. Furthermore, it’s vibrant and lively on the palate, with a constant tension between bright red fruit and the darker, deeper notes of spice and smoke. It charges to the finish with dusty syrah tannin and invigorating acidity. Both sleek and formidable, this is a surprisingly delicate La Sangre considering the palate weight.
  • 2007 La Sangre de Jonata "The Blood" Syrah
    A seemingly endless array of powerful aromatics bloom out of this wine, with heady jasmine and violets followed closely by hints of smoked meat, blackberries, white pepper, licorice and rosemary. The Sangre is opulent and silky on the palate with waves of richness that literally cascade; within its incredible density it remains delineated and focused, never losing its purity or vibrancy—this is a Syrah that’s anchored by quiet, balanced acidity. The tannins are firm, but at the same time utterly fine grained, a reminder that though the wine is already complete, it still has years to grow into much more.
  • 2006 La Sangre de Jonata "The Blood" Syrah
    Exotic nose that floats gracefully between powerful black cherry, soy-like gamey notes and perfumed and lifted floral incense. The intensity of the color and the complexity of the aromatic profile give a hint to the power within this brooding wine. Bouquet of black pepper, bacon fat and black truffles. Spice notes pick up on the palate amidst a wave of dense black raspberry and olive tapenade flavors. Subtle and sweet, yet persistent tannins bring a level of added intensity to this powerful, balanced and concentrated expression of Jonata syrah.
  • 2005 La Sangre de Jonata "The Blood" Syrah
    Same brooding nature and impenetrable color as the 04, but with differences in the flavor profile. Displaying the characteristics of our clone 383. Grilled meats and licorice dominate the nose, with a sturdy layer of black fruits underlying. Black pepper, baking spice, soy sauce and truffles. Pure and focused nose. Massive density, depth and intensity. Mouth-filling, almost chewy, sweet blackberry. Dense and ultra-concentrated with mouthwatering acidity. A beauty and the beast-like monster of a wine, with surprising refinement on the finish.
  • 2012 La Sangre de Jonata "The Blood" Syrah
    Gamier and darker than the Todos at this stage. Truly lives up to its name. The 2012 is an exotic sangre with ripe fruit, pronounced black pepper, tar and truffle. Perfumed and powerful and equally impressive on the palate. Floods the mouth with densely packed black fruit. So much kinetic energy. Seamless travel across the palate. Even with the remarkable aromatic profile and mind-boggling density, it is the finish that leaves the lasting impression. Perfectly layered tannins slowly subside leaving nothing but subtle fruit and perfectly balanced acidity.
  • 2013 Tierra "Earth/Soil" Sangiovese
    Fascinating combination of raspberry jam, dried tobacco and cocoa on the nose. Opens up to balsamic fig jam with olive tapenade and savory prosciutto aromas. Earth driven on the palate with fine dusty tannins. Graphite notes mingle with smoke on the perfectly rustic finish. A wine defined completely by place, not fruit weight nor sweetness. Truly from the earth. A direct link to the Jonata soils.
  • 2012 Tierra "Earth/Soil" Sangiovese
    Full bodied and dramatically structured sangiovese. Displays bright raspberry, smokey plum and herbal notes of rosemary and sage on the nose. Plenty of complex and savory notes of prosciutto and fennel. It is still tight at this young stage and is obviously reserving some power for the future. On the palate it explodes with pomegranate-like brightness with notes of sweet cherry. A savory and sea-like brininess arrives as well. Like all the 2012 blends, it is endowed with a wall of solid, but forgiving tannins. This is really a monstrous sangiovese. A wine that offers the consumer a window directly into the sandy soils, native herbs and cooling sea breezes that define the Jonata vineyard.
  • 2004 Tierra "Earth/Soil" Sangiovese
  • 2005 Tierra "Earth/Soil" Sangiovese
    Nose of fresh strawberries, ripe raspberries and savory nuances give way to elusive floral notes of lavender and violets. An earthy, dusty character also shines through in the aromatic spectrum. Flavors of tart cherry and minerals. Restrained, but still showing signs of a future lush and broad mouthfeel. Lively sangiovese acidity and mouth coating tannins round out the finish.
  • 2010 Tierra "Earth/Soil" Sangiovese
    Classy and elegant. A Tierra that shows off the increasing maturity of the vines. Less overt toast from oak, more purity of fruit and perfume. More Tierra on every level. Mid weight with brambly, peppery, smoky and gamey notes. Bay leaf and sweet tobacco. Darker fruit than previous vintages. Sweet and savory. The wine shows the warmth of September in richness of black cherry fruit and increased density on mid-palate, while the cool summer weather promoted higher acidity and charmingly rustic and lingering tannins lend. These rugged yet mouthwatering tannins start early and grip the entire tongue. Though still very young and concealing a part of its fruit potential, this Tierra shows incredible length. A young sangiovese that strikes me as the most tightly coiled vintage to date with the most upside potential in the cellar.
  • 2011 Tierra "Earth/Soil" Sangiovese
    Dried cherries, pipe smoke and matchstick. Salty aromas of prosciutto. Earthy, saline, bright and dense. Comes by its name honestly. More packed with aromatic intensity, mouthwatering acidity and precision than any of its predecessors. There is richness and fruit on the palate, but I love the charge of acid and young short grained tannin that leads the way. This is real sangiovese. Perfumed, gamey, salty, acid driven and perfectly rustic. A pleasure to drink today with grilled meats. For the sangiovese purist in all of us.
  • 2007 Tierra "Earth/Soil" Sangiovese
    This wine combines all the joys of sangiovese: earth, salami and leather come out with air behind the initial aromas of perfumed, fresh crushed raspberries and strawberries. The palate is bright, robust and rustic, showing incredible density for this often shy grape. What starts with fruit moves to savory as it rolls across the palate, exhibiting anise, earth, dried flowers and cured meats all held in check by mouth coating tannins.
  • 2006 Tierra "Earth/Soil" Sangiovese
    Classic Jonata sangiovese notes of strawberry, wild raspberry and clove. Lives up to its name with earthy nuances emerging as it sits in the glass. Hints of cured meat and fennel also join the complex aromatic profile. Very focused wine with exceptional length. Dried strawberry and leather. As always the finish is highlighted by a vibrant acid backbone and subtle, fine grained tannins that together hint at a long life ahead for this young wine.
  • 2009 Tierra "Earth/Soil" Sangiovese
    This is another classic example of the remarkable balance between sweet and savory in sangiovese. Pungent and alluring nose of salumi, red and black cherries, leather, black plums, anise, dark chocolate and a minty freshness. I could smell this wine and be mesmerized by its changes all day. Upon sitting in the glass, some of the classic gamey and mushroom characteristics arrive while floral notes and a hint of toasty oak join the mix. While already showing surprising power and depth, this wine responds best to long decanting and will no doubt sing with five+ years in the cellar. Tight, coiled and concentrated on the attack with a seemingly endless ride between red fruit, black fruit, those wild gamey notes and a Jonata saline quality. Young and vigorous tannins rise towards the end of the mid palate, but soon release to showcase the charm and elegance of the finish. A vin de garde Tierra.
  • 2008 Tierra "Earth/Soil" Sangiovese
    Unmistakable sangiovese earthiness with smoke, leather and cured meats, then pretty red fruit and black plum notes—a beautiful contrast between sweet and savory. On the palate, that red and black fruit is wrapped in a light layer of sangiovese tannin that adds a component of dust and earth. Young and surprisingly delicate (within all that intensity), this rustic beauty is one of our favorite reds with a wide range of cuisine.
  • 2013 Todos "Everything" Vineyard Blend
    More open and red in its profile than the dark and brooding Sangre. Constantly changing nose of strawberries, raspberry, pastis, sage, tobacco and grilled meat. Massive scoop of sweet red fruit/sweet cream on palate that quickly moves to savory cured meat notes. Remains fresh and charming and moves seamlessly to the chalky and coating tannins that emerge on the mineral-driven finish. Notes of Mexican chocolate. Tremendous life ahead.
  • 2006 Todos "Everything" Vineyard Blend
    A true chameleon of a wine exhibiting a vast array of constantly changing flavors and aromas. Displays the cassis, dust, herbal notes and mint of our estate cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc. Pronounced notes of truffle, smoked meats, black plum and crushed black pepper announce the presence of Syrah. Floral hints and honeysuckle from the viognier add to the tapestry of aromas. In the mouth the constant evolution and change continues with passing hints of the intense cassis and black olive of our Bordeaux varieties mingling with the velvet textured blackberry and spice of our syrah. The resulting mélange awakens your senses as the petit verdot dominated finish kicks in and leaves you with a long lasting finish of bright red fruits.
  • 2011 Todos "Everything" Vineyard Blend
    Fresh raspberries, candied strawberries, charred steak and a hint of jasmine from the viognier. Upfront and personal. A classic Todos with an extra layer of finesse and charm. So refreshing and approachable. The perfect wine for barbeques this winter and beyond. Displays the similar streak of finesse and refinement evident in all of the 2011 vintage. Juicy and savory on the palate. A big and generous wine with a delicate and deft touch on the finish.
  • 2008 Todos "Everything" Vineyard Blend
    As the juiciest and currently most expressive of the 2008 reds, the Todos is an exuberant Personality, showing off an exotic nose of red fruit mingling with darker spices and subtle toasty notes of coffee and charcoal. As always, it’s brimming with heady and intoxicating aromas, an ever-changing display of its different vineyard constituents; herbal notes of Cabernet Sauvignon commingling with the sanguine notes of the petit verdot and syrah’s pure and voluptuous black fruit. The tannin profile is another mélange of the Jonata varieties, with our Bordeaux quartet of cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and petit verdot leading the charge with fine grained, but persistent and earthy tannins.
  • 2012 Todos "Everything" Vineyard Blend
    Defined by exuberant fruit, both red and black. Also shaped by familiar Jonata notes of smoked sausage, black pepper and black plum skin. Fruit sweetness and power also mixed with fennel and Indian spices. Plush fruit on the attack. Tremendous depth from the seemingly endless 2012 summer. Pure fruit throughout the attack and midpalate. Truly a pleasure to drink today. Perfectly balanced and evolved tannins. By no means a shrinking violet, but manages to retain exceptional overall balance. Syrah sexiness with cabernet sauvignon focus and structure.
  • 2009 Todos "Everything" Vineyard Blend
    Todos is a complex wine dominated by black fruit and brooding spice, but lifted to higher levels by elegant white flowers and exotic charm. The 2009 strikes me as the darkest Todos we’ve produced to date, offering notes of wild blackberry, black truffle, grilled bread, blueberry syrup, black pepper, black olive tapenade, black licorice, mulberry, cinnamon, jasmine and steak au poivre. Its exuberant aromatics come spiraling out of the glass, wild and intoxicating—an aromatically thrilling wine. Black plum and black cherry dominate on the generous, full bodied mid-palate. The attack is pure fruit the definition of black and blue fruit.Seductive tannins slowly coat the palate and act to subtly conceal the sleek acid backbone.
  • 2010 Todos "Everything" Vineyard Blend
    Knockout nose with charcoal, black plum, graphite and black olive. Lifted gamey syrah with a hint of cool climate spice. The beauty and bold voice of ripe and hedonistic syrah dominates the nose, but shares the stage with cabernet sauvignon on the palate. Suave black fruit intermingles with herbal notes and a dusty and earthy charm. Well-endowed with heaps of dry extract that arrives in layers. A wine that achieves a great level of tension; ripe and round fruit, framed by taut acidity and bold tannins. Leaves a mouthwatering cooling, minty sensation on the finish. With all ten grapes we grow at the ranch accounted for in the blend, Todos is a fantastic snap shot of what makes 2010 at Jonata so special.
  • 2007 Todos "Everything" Vineyard Blend
    Another chameleon in the glass, the Todos displays simultaneous notes of cassis from the cabernet sauvignon, sanguine elements from petit verdot, minty coolness from the cabernet franc and powerful savory and truffle-like notes from the monstrous 2007 syrah lots. A hint of honeysuckle from the viognier adds a floral beauty to the mix. At first sip it’s a voyage to the dark side, displaying inky, black fruit and dark chocolate. Then herbs and white pepper emerge, along with sweet and bright fresh berries. Layers of tannin continue to form and recede, creating a chewy, yet integrated finish.