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  • 2014 Consilience Cabernet Sauvingon
    This beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon has green olive, subtle mint, dark fruit and blackberry aromatics on the nose, with a fruit forward, medium bodied approachable palate. This Cabernet is a wonderful sipping wine that can be enjoyed alone or paired with lasagna or an olive and salami crudité platter.
  • 2013 Consilience Cabernet Sauvingon
  • 2014 Consilience Chardonnay
    Fresh island scents with hints of cherry blossom wash over the senses while intense tropical flavors engulf the palate. Hints of pineapple and melon mix with soft acidity for a refreshing and lingering finish. Pairs well with ceviche garnished with cilantro and homemade tortilla chips or ahi tuna and a light pasta salad mixed with fresh peppers, onion and celery.
  • 2013 Consilience Chardonnay
    Our 2013 Chardonnay displays aromas of tropical fruit and flavors of lemon curd along with a long creamy finish. Pairs great with seafood.
  • 2014 Consilience Converge Red Blend
    Introducing our new 2014 Converge red blend. Immediately you're greeted with dark fruit, subtle earthiness, blackberries, and a sweet spice on the nose. Fresh herbs, dark cherry, and a chocolatey finish on the palate makes this a dynamic blend with firm yet nicely integrated tannins.
  • 2013 Consilience Converge Red Blend
    Wisps of oak meld with violets, coffee and a touch of white chocolate in this medium-bodied blend. Soft and supple, perfectly weighted for grilled poultry or pork, hint of acidity makes one think of the rustic red Syrah-based blends of France's Languedoc-Roussillon region.
  • 2014 Consilience Converge White Wine Blend
    Introducing our new 2014 Converge white blend. Immediately you're greeted with honeysuckle, melons, white peach, and subtle floral notes on the nose.Creaminess from the Roussanne adds to a silky mouth-feel with balanced acidity and an underlying richness. Tart lime adds a wonderful crispness that makes this the perfect summer wine!
  • 2011 Consilience Cuvee Mambo Red
    With a delicate aroma of rose petal and a little bit of spice, this medium bodied red blend offers flavors of dark cherry and plum with hints of pepper and cloves. Pair with Grilled Lamb with Olive Sauce, a recipe you can find in "The Wine Lover’s Cookbook" by Sid Goldstein.
  • 2012 Consilience Cuvee Mambo Red
    Our Cuvee Mambo is produced in honor of our former mascot, Mambo.The 2012 vintage is a blend of 6Syrah, 20% Petite Sirah and 10% Grenache - resulting in a smooth, silky red with a little bit of spice.
  • 2012 Consilience Cuvee Mambo White
    Fruity and tropical, this wine will cool you off in the warmest of weather. Enjoy with man’s best friend and at the family’s summer BBQ.
  • 2012 Consilience Grenache
    Take your palate on a trip of flavors and spices with Consilience Grenache. With aromatics of dried herbs, rose petals,and baking spices followed by flavors of red cherries and smoked meat, you can easily enjoy this wine on many occasions. Pairs well with barb-b-que ribs or a quinoa salad mixed with red and yellow peppers, onions, cilantro, black beans, and a hint of lemon olive oil. Truly a meat lovers wine.
  • 2013 Consilience Grenache Blanc
    Catching the aroma of this wine is like walking through an orchard of lemon trees. Fresh cut blossoms greet the nose - soft, clean and inviting. On the palate, crisp green apple is complemented by tropical notes of melon with a slightly buttery and creamy finish. Pair with quinoa salad, mixed with shrimp, bell peppers, cilantro, and lemon olive oil.
  • 2014 Consilience Grenache Blanc
    Our 2014 Grenache Blanc offers soft floral aromas with a hint of honey accents. On the palate, geranium is complemented by an underlying richness that makes this a delicious and silky wine. Pair with a lemony Chicken Picatta with capers or a quinoa salad with shrimp.
  • 2012 Consilience GSM
    Our GSM Red Blend was aged 19 months in older, neutral French oak barrels (100%). Immediately after opening a bottle of GSM you're greeted with the aromas of cranberries, rich dark fruit, and a hint of oak. This vintage has a good body to it with an earthy, smooth finish that can be enjoyed with or without food. If you choose to pair it with food, it would go perfect with smoky BBQ ribs, or a Tri-Tip sandwich from our local Los Olivos R Country Market!
  • 2013 Consilience Petite Sirah
    Our 2013 La Presa Vineyard Syrah is rich and deeply colored. It has a blend of spice and earthy smokiness on the nose with a velvety balance of length on the finish. Pairs well with mesquite BBQ chicken or a spicy Italian sausage rigatoni.
  • 2013 Consilience Petite Sirah
    Beautiful aromas of black berries with a nice following of spice and light oak. Welcoming blueberries on the palate along with a nicely balanced and smooth mouthfeel. Tannins are firm but not aggressive. Would pair nicely with grilled salmon filet, pork tenderloin and even ribs or pizza.
  • 2014 Consilience Pinot Noir
  • 2012 Consilience Pinot Noir
    Like most of our Pinot's this one is limited in production, but not limited in its palate appeal. Fruit forward with hints of dried cherry, cranberries, and a slight smoky finish. This beauty hails from the lovely Santa Rita Hills AVA, which never disapoints. Comprised of 89% Mormann Vineyard, and 11% Buona Terra Vineyard Pinot Noir, we suggest enjoying this with some local Stafford's dark chocolate truffles for a truly decadent night in with your special someone curled up by a fire. Who says romance is dead?
  • 2012 Consilience Pinot Noir Mormann Vineyard
    With fresh scents of rose petals and rich burgundy color, this wine simply beckons romance. You will surely fall in love when dusky flavors of dried dark cherries and white pepper surround your taste buds. And when you pair it with your romantic dinner for two, well, you’ll know that this is what you have been waiting for your whole life. We suggest filet mignon topped with caramelized onions and mushrooms snuggled up to a side of roasted garlic mashed potatoes. Or poached salmon with a smoky chipotle rub served over a crisp bed of romaine.
  • 2012 Consilience Purple Beast
    Does the name Purple Beast pay homage to the Beastie Boys? Or classic rockers Deep Purple? Or perhaps the name alludes to Prince and his Purple Rain? Or Hendrix and his Purple Haze? Our lips are sealed on this, so you can decide for yourself. Don’t be fooled by its quirky name, Purple Beast packs serious flavor. You’re treated to a seductive nose of plum, sage, anise and hints of dried orange peel. The blend of mostly Petite Sirah/ Tempranillo, and Syrah has a fruit forward palate of cherry and red plum with earth, truffle and licorice. Try some paired with duck breasts with apricot-Szechuan peppercorn sauce or rosemary & balsamic marinated lamb shanks. Or embrace your inner rock star and pair Purple Beast with your very best air guitar playing.
  • 2013 Consilience Roussanne
    It offers both a light creaminess and subtle minerality.
  • 2012 Consilience Syrah
    Syrah is a very versatile Rhone varietal, generally having a medium to heavy body, branded with blackberry tones. Depending on the area it is grown, it can also have pepper flavors, making it an excellent compliment to grilled steak.
  • 2013 Consilience Syrah
    This Syrah has a blend of spice and earthy smokiness on the nose with a velvety balance of length on the finish. Pairs well with mesquite BBQ chicken or a spicy Italian sausage rigatoni.
  • 2014 Consilience Syrah
    This wine is rich and deeply colored. It offers oak, cedar, and cranberry on the nose, with a fruit forward, smooth and well balanced finish. A beautiful Syrah like this one can hold up to the intense flavors of slowroasted barbecue pork. A great cut for this might be a pork shoulder with pepper and cumin to bring out the fruitiness in the wine.
  • 2012 Consilience Syrah
    If this Syrah could talk - it would be singing "Yum"! Bring this to a party and you most certainly will be invited back (with more wine of course). The 2012 Santa Ynez Valley is a medium bodied wine with dark cherry flavors, earthy elements and a soft peppery finish. Steak. Burgers. Popcorn...whatever makes you happy!
  • 2013 Consilience Syrah
    This wine is rich and deeply colored. It offers dark plum, blackberry, chocolate, and subtly smoky scents on the nose, with leather, herbs, and a touch of smoky BBQ on the palate. Lithe and graceful in the mouth, there's a lingering sweet fruity note on the medium-length finish.
  • 2013 Consilience Syrah
    This wine is rich and deeply colored. It offers dark plum, blackberry, chocolate and subtly smoky scents on the nose, with leather, herbs and a touch of smoky BBQ on the palate. Lithe and graceful in the mouth, there’s a lingering sweet fruity note on the medium-length finish.
  • 2012 Consilience Syrah Estelle Vineyard
    Predominantly Syrah, this medium body red has bright tones of tart cherry and darker tones of plum and blackberry. A smooth and herbal finish with hints of leather gives the illusion of layering and a creamy mouthfeel. You will want to serve with a meal that is just as beefy as the wine. Try sirloin marinated in a glaze of soy sauce, pure maple syrup, lemon juice and garlic.
  • 2013 Consilience Syrah Star Lane Vineyard
    Our 2013 Star Lane Vineyard Syrah is rich and deeply colored. It offers an earthy spiciness, violets, and black licorice on the nose, with blackberries, nicely integrated oak, and chocolaty tannins on the palate. This beautifully smooth Syrah would pair flawlessly with BBQ ribs, duck, or lasagna.
  • 2013 Consilience Viognier
  • 2014 Marianello Cielo Rubio
    Our 2014 Cielo Rubio has aromas of Maraschino cherries, black pepper, gooseberry, and a beautiful palate with a hint of cherry, bold tannins, and cedar. Pairs perfectly with: Homemade lasagna (or store bought, we won't tell); or Lamb chops.
  • 2013 Marianello Cielo Rubio
    Our Marianello Cielo Rubio is inspired by the great Super Tuscan wines of Italy. Originally conceived as a means to think outside of the box in the Chianti region, these wines forced everyone to rethink the possibilities of Sangiovese, particularly when blended with other varieties. This is a big, rich wine that really shines with robust beef dishes or pastas with a bit of spice. Serve it a little cooler than room temp (refrigerate for 20 minutes before serving) to really bring out its flavor!
  • 2012 Marianello Cielo Rubio
    With undercurrents of dark cherry, red currants, and plum, it's hard to find this wine anything but succulent. Take the night off and relax by a fire and let the aroma of cherry and light oak take you to that secluded cabin for a romantic night with your other half, or with that juicy book you have been trying to finish.
  • 2014 Marianello Estelle Bianco
    Aromas of pineapple, papaya, and subtle floral jasmine scents lead you to a characteristic Rhone candied sugar taste with slight acid and tart pear. Pairs perfectly with: Clams with prosciutto and thyme; Baked chicken with Thai spices
  • 2012 Marianello Estelle Bianco
    Even though the weather is a little unpredictable, the wine you drink doesn’t have to be. Pair this crisp white wine with a delicious seafood meal, a garden salad on the patio, or enjoy a nice glass while chatting with friends. With this unique white blend, you can’t go wrong - no matter the mood or occasion. With hints of guava and honeydew melon, transport yourself to that island vacation you were hoping to take - and make it a stay-cation.
  • 2013 Marianello Estelle Bianco
    The wine spent 16 months in primarily neutral oak barrels before being bottled in July 2015. This is an elegant wine that’s a perfect accompaniment to seafood or grilled chicken.
  • 2014 Tre Anelli
    The return of Barbera! This Italian grape flourishes in warmer climates and made itself right at home this season. With plum, spice, licorice, and blackberry on the nose you're reminded why Barbera has always been a big hit amongst Tre Anelli fans. Our 2014 vintage was aged 18 months in neutral French Oak barrels making it bold yet approachable with well balanced acidity and a smooth finish. Barbera pairs perfectly with pizza, lasagna, or pasta bolognese!
  • 2014 Tre Anelli Albariño
    In Spain and Portugal, Albariño is traditionally fermented in stainless steel tanks in order to preserve its crisp acidity. Here in the Central Coast, we went the route of using older, neutral French oak barrels in order to add complexity and richness in the mouth. It is a lively, bright wine that is soft and languid on the palate, with beautifully integrated aromas of nectarine, white peach, and soft floral notes. Our Albariño has a crisp acidity with a slightly creamy finish, making it perfect to pair with seared scallops on a beautiful fall day.
  • 2012 Tre Anelli Albariño
    Albariño is a native of Northwest Spain but it's becoming more and more common to see it here on the California Central Coast. It likes the climate just fine, resulting in wines showing bright, fresh fruit and with a touch of body. Ours is a bit of a blend, with 80% Albariño, 8% Verdelho (another Spanish varietal), 8% Loureiro (a Portuguese grape) and 4% Sauvignon Blanc. It is 100% delicious!
  • 2013 Tre Anelli Albariño
    Pineapple, guava, and lemon, oh my! A flowery bouquet will greet your senses but more tropical tastes will have you looking for a porch swing or outdoor patio to relax on.
  • 2014 Tre Anelli Centellinare
    Our 2014 Centellinare Red Blend means "to sip and savor" which is exactly what you want to do while enjoying this beauty comprised of 5Cabernet Sauvignon, 33% Sangiovese, 8% Petite Sirah/ and 4% Syrah. Aged 19 months in neutral oak barrels (80% French, 1American, and Hungarian), you are greeted with aromas of blueberries and black berries with a subtle hint of black pepper that take you to a beautiful palate of dried fruit with a nice long lingering finish. This blend pairs perfectly with braised beef short ribs or strip steak with arugula pesto.
  • 2012 Tre Anelli Centellinare
    Inspired by “Super Tuscan” styled wines, Centellinare literally translates “to sip and savor” and you will want to be sure to do just that. This robust red will warm you from the inside out on these chilly winter nights as hints of cranberry and leather will keep you reminiscing of the holidays that seem to come and go so quickly. Try it with a stuffed turkey sandwich topped with tomato on rye or vegetarian lasagna with mushroom, provolone, mozzarella and ricotta cheese stuffing.
  • 2014 Tre Anelli Diavolessa
    Meticulously combined to bring out the best characteristics of each varietal, this "she-devil" has delicate aromas of bright raspberries with a hint of oak lead to a bold yet approachable palate. Diavolessa’s balanced acidity and well integrated tannins make it incredibly food friendly. Try this beauty with a tried and true local menu like Santa Maria style tri-tip topped with salsa fresca and pinquito beans.
  • 2012 Tre Anelli Diavolessa
    The ample spice on your first sip is guaranteed to grab your attention. Bright cherry and rasberry flavors from the Sangiovese and the dark, lush, and slightly smoky flavors of the Barbera and Tempranillo lead you to a long lingering finish that goes on and on and on. But be careful, the wine may make your significant other jealous with all of the attention it is getting. Be sure to plan a rendezvous with this wine and a traditional California sirloin burger topped with avocado, grilled onions, and blue cheese. Don’t forget the side of sweet potato fries!
  • 2014 Tre Anelli Grenache Rose
    It's aromas and flavors of strawberry, rose petals, and watermelon make it a perfect companion to flips flops, tank tops, and sunshine. Enjoy this easy-drinking wine during warm weather or when you’re wishing it was summer! While this rosé is wonderful without food it also pairs well with Thai green curried chicken, seafood paella, or Texas-style barbecued ribs.
  • 2012 Tre Anelli loh-RAY-roo
    While the grape Lourerio's pronounciation (phonetic: loh-RAY-roo), is a little difficult, drinking it is not! Comprised of predominantly Loureiro, this blend also introduces small percentages of Verdelho, Albariño, Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc, creating a lovely assorted fruit bouquet righ in smell and taste. Keep cool with the tastes of honey and melon and the scent of fresh flowers. Easily enjoy with a crisp salad in the sun or a seafood dinner in the candlelight or strolling the lake in your canoe.
  • 2014 Tre Anelli loh-RAY-roo
    Loureiro is planted mostly in Spain and Portgual but it also grows beautifully in the Santa Ynez Valley with the warm days and cool nights. Aged 18 months in older, neutral French Oak barrels, once you pour a glass you're greeted by inviting aromas of peach, pineapple, and lightly scented floral notes. As the wine opens up, you're treated to a smooth underlying richness that leads to and long lingering tropical fruit and honey finish. Though food isn't necessary to enjoy this beauty, it is delicious with dishes like shrimp ceviche, Thai pineapple curry, or seafood paella.
  • 2014 Tre Anelli Mourvedre
    Nicely balanced combination of dark fruits, plums and blueberries, with notes of sweet spice, licorice, and black pepper. Nice length, structure, and enough weight to provide ample aging potential. This medium to full bodied wine will pair nicely with grilled meats, bold pasta dishes, and spicier cuisine.
  • 2014 Tre Anelli Nebbiolo
    This light to medium bodied wine evokes recognition of red fruits with prominent raspberry, pomegranate, and cranberry flavors, and floral notes of rose petals. It is a noticeably strong acid, yet balanced, red wine which will pair wonderfully with Italian cuisine and other Mediterranean fare.
  • 2014 Tre Anelli Sangiovese
    Our 2014 Sangiovese was aged 19 months in neutral oak barrels (90% French and 10% American) displaying aromas of fruit, dark jam, earthiness, and a smooth palate with pronounced tannins lead to a smooth, elegant red berry finish. This bold Sangiovese pairs perfectly with pasta bolognese or margarita pizza.
  • 2012 Tre Anelli Sangiovese
    Our 2012 Tre Anelli Sangiovese is edgy and dark, with earthy notes and hints of plum and dark cherry.
  • 2014 Tre Anelli Tempranillo
    Our 2014 Tempranillo was aged 18 months in neutral French Oak barrels, making it a perfect compliment to a rich dinner. Initially you're met with scents of cured meats, very subtle mint, and underlying spiciness. The palate offers balanced tannins, slight smokiness, and a chewy texture. This dynamic wine will pair beautifully with BBQ ribs or a perfectly grilled steak, making summer dinner parties even more enjoyable.
  • 2011 Tre Anelli Tempranillo
    The first time we enjoyed the 2011 Tempranillo our tasting team was noshing on Tre Anelli owner’s famous homemade lasagna—to say our taste buds were satisfied is an understatement. First, pork sausage in the dish gracefully complemented the honey-glazed ham scents from the wine. Then the palate explodes with lush red fruit like olallieberry and blackberry, giving it a chewy texture and slightly chalky finish. If, for some reason, lasagna isn’t your forte, we recommend pairing this Tempranillo with a charcuterie platter complete with salami, parmesan, and asiago.