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  • Sta. Rita Hills AVA
    Sta. Rita Hills AVA
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  • 2010 10 Rio Vista Clone 667 1.5L
    The lovely garnet color is complemented by a rich nose of toasted hazelnut with juicy flavors of red plum, pomegranate and raspberry. The palate reveals layers of toasted caramel-cocoa. Brown leather, reminiscent of a well worn jacket, show up on the back end and make this a perfect cigar wine. Try pairing this wine with flatbread layered with sun-dried tomatoes, sweet onions and goat cheese. Also pairs well with lean meat, such as filet mignon, wild turkey, venison, or buffalo burgers. Indian food or other cumin spiced food also complement this wine. Peruvian chocolate torte is another option. Recommended bottle aging potential is 5-8 years
  • 2010 10 Rio Vista Dijon
    A well defined clear rim color contrasted against the medium garnet wine suggests the graceful aging of this wine. Smoke, black currants, cherries, cocoa and leather on the nose entice you to inhale the rich bouquet. The fruit forward dark plum qualities of the 667 clone provide a beautiful foundation, while clones 115 and 777 further enhance the structural components and lush layers of flavor. The tasting experience starts off elegantly and rolls across your palate, leading into a procession of flavors with a Wagnerian crescendo. Recommended food pairings include smoked coho salmon, spicy sausages, wild boar, ribs, or dark chocolate torte (the groom’s wedding cake!)
  • 2011 11 Bien Nacido
    Our Bien Nacido speaks of rustic elegance with a dusty nose offering hints of clove, nutmeg, black plum and old leather. The wine shows a beautiful dark garnet color and earthy flavors on the palate that combine with a hint of pepper spice and blackberry. This youthful wine displays some ageable tannins that will allow it to cellar nicely for 5-7 years. Pair this wine with beef bourguignon, smoked ham or BBQ ribs. For dessert try dried apricots dipped in chocolate fondue or a mild cheese drizzled with truffle honey.
  • 2011 11 Dierberg
    The 2011 vintage is textbook Dierberg! It is a gorgeous red garnet color with violet hue. Black cherry aroma first delight the senses with a swirl. Lush juicy fruit dances down the palate effortlessly. Hints of smoke, bacon and leather, typical of the earthy flavors of Santa Maria Valley AVA, are also revealed on the palate. We recommend pairing with gamey meats, such as smoke venison and boar, or lamb. Chocolate torte and chocolate covered expresso beans would also complement this wine.
  • 2011 11 Rancho Santa Rosa
    Think Film Noir, such as “The Postman Always Rings Twice.” Dark garnet velvet in color and texture, the alluring nose reveals smoke, cocoa, dark plum, blueberries and spice. The front palate displays jammy boysenberry and blackberry, allspice and cinnamon, finishing with hints of vanilla bean. Pair with Kalua pig and apple, Floriano’s spicy sausage, BBQ beef ribs or chocolate fondue. Great aging potential!
  • 2011 11 Rio Vista 2A
    The intensity of color, flavors andtannins now offers a more structured and soulful wine. Ruby in color, there are notes ofcaramel, cocoa, dark cherries, cinnamon toast and even black tea, with a nice longfinish. The bright acids pair well with many foods, including smoked duck or other game.
  • 2011 11 Rio Vista 667 1.5L
    The medium to dark ruby color is visually rich and complemented with notes of dark plum, cocoa and Kona roast coffee on the nose. Flavors of jammy dark fruit delight the palate. This Pinot Noir will stand up to strong cheeses, such as blue, camembert and brie. During the holiday season, this wine will enhance your sweet potato and pumpkin pies. Prime rib, tri-tip and pork will pair nicely with the spicy notes of tarragon and clove on this meaty, chewy wine. Aging potential is easily 10-15 years.
  • 2011 11 Rio Vista Dijon
    The nose has a subdued hint of shaved bark from freshly honed wood. With a gentle swirls of the wine, a beautiful array of red fruits, such raspberries, red plums, pomegranates and cranberries, will emerge on the nose. A spicy hint of molasses, caramel and tar on the mouth pairs nicely with protein rich food, including pork scaloppini with mushrooms, buffalo steak, lamb, linguiça, prime rib, London broil, mushroom brie and Naked Goat cheese. Great aging potential.
  • 2011 11 Salisbury
    Salisbury Vineyard has experienced an evolution in vine maturity and continues to offer new expressions. This vintage shows darker fruit than previously experienced. Enjoy the black raspberry and black pepper on the nose. There is a strong backbone and straight shoulder framed up with oak and integrated tannins. This well structured wine pairs nicely with grilled or blackened salmon or chicken, wild rice, Bouillabaisse, or Kate’s cayenne brownies. As pizza toppings, pomegranate seeds and sun dried tomatoes also complement the wine.
  • 2011 11 Solomon Hills
    This delicate, delicious wine offers the jammy ripeness of dark red plums and black cherries on the nose. There is a subtle hint of worn leather on the nose. Dried cranberries also show up on the nose and then are revealed on the palate. We also find blueberries on the finish. Soft tannins from the toasted oak lie just beneath the fruit. This wine is lovely without food but could be paired nicely with lighter fare, such as pasta with sun dried tomatoes. Pork with cranberry or cherry glaze would also be tempting. The wine will continue to age nicely for the next 5-8 years.
  • 2012 12 Bien Nacido
    Blackberries and plums dance on your nose and across your palate. Savory, spicy and dusty notes tempt you further. There are also hints of expresso. The wine keeps evolving in the glass beckoning yet another sip. Stylistically, this is much more an Old World wine, similar to Burgundy, which the clone lends itself to. Pair with lamb chops and reduction sauce, smoked tri-tip and Lompoc pinquitos beans or mincemeat pie. Easy 8-10 years for aging.
  • 2012 12 Blanc de Blancs
    This sparkler suggests pear, Key lime and minerality on the nose. Bright stone fruit, texture and creaminess show up are on the mid palate. Pairs nicely with halibut or swordfish in a cream sauce, New England shell fish dipped in butter or Key lime pie
  • 2012 12 Blanc de Noirs
    The color is pale orange, like the heirloom Suncrest peach. Aromas of peach, lime peel, hazelnut and wild strawberries are enhanced by a subtle doughiness in the background. The nutty, creamy texture, with roundness in the mid-palate, creates a freshness that balances well with the fruit. This sexy wine is a perfect starter for your holiday meals or your marriage proposal. Try it with grilled salmon or Dungeness crab, pumpkin or pecan pie, or Point Reyes Blue Cheese. This sparkler is something Lauren Bacall would drink.
  • 2012 12 Dierberg
    We found bright fruit, cinnamon bark and vanilla bean on the nose, along with mushroom, plums and black cherries. Think earthy, dusty and subtle smoke. It’s soft on the front palate with dark cherry notes. Silky sheets layer your palate. There is an elegant finish with hints of cocoa. Savor with pork scaloppini or filet mignon served with mushrooms or decadent sweets, such as chocolate covered cherries or cherry truffles. Also pairs well with flatbread topped with mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and caramelized onions. Although this wine is stylistically New World, it is an old soul with an aging potential easily 10+ years.
  • 2012 12 Rancho Santa Rosa
    Dark chocolate in color, berries on the nose, jammy flavors with a lingering finish. This wine seals the deal for proposing or disposing of any relationship! Pair with spicy Italian sausage or any other hearty meal, such as roast beef or Santa Maria tri-tip. Aging potential 10-15 years. Be sure to put a few extra in your cellar!
  • 2012 12 Rio Vista 2A
    This wine offers layers of deep color. The nose has hints of leather, smoke, red currants, black cherries and other dried fruit. Rich full bodied wine, with some earthy undertones. Think dusty, dark fruit, ripe dark cherries, dark cocoa. Pair with coq au vin, rosemary lamb, BBQ beef ribs, roasted root vegetables or blueberry pie. This is the quintessential femme fatale Pinot.
  • 2012 12 Solomon Hills
    Wise King Solomon and his hundreds of consorts would have been tempted by this seductive, irresistible wine. Pomegranate in color, enjoy hints of mushroom, cocoa and worn vintage leather on the smokey nose. Let your palate be teased by flavors of Elephant Heart Plum and cherry. Pair with duck, venison, prosciutto, filet mignon or Midnight Moon goat cheese. Some call it, “Rendezvous Red for mysterious lovers.”
  • 2013 13 Bassi
    Dark garnet in color, this Pinot offers luscious notes of triple berries, orange peel and spice on the nose. The complexity of an harmonious balance of Earth and fruit complements the caramelized RC Cola flavor. The texture with layers of this wine pairs well with pork and a Pinot reduction sauce or turkey with homemade cranberry sauce. Enjoy the flavors that linger on the palate with this full bodied wine.
  • 2013 13 Bien Nacido
    Enjoy the aromas of black currant, cigar, leather, chocolate cherry, smoke and tar on the nose. The palate reveals a silky elegance balanced with oak tannins, smooth dark fruit, black cherry and dried powder cocoa. Pair with lamb and mushroom quiche and duck breast or pork tenderloin with cherry glaze. Smoked gouda, sausage or salmon are other options. Marji’s dark chocolate brownies are another temptation for pairing. We believe this wine is wise beyond it’s years with aging potential for at least 8-10 years.
  • 2013 13 Brut Cuvée
    Robust bubbles! White peach color with hints of tangerine conjure up a beautiful spring day. Our Brut Cuvée is a pretty girl with a tough name. Stone fruit, such as apricot, nectarines and peach, linger on the nose. The palate enjoys the hint of lemon chiffon, smooth with a zing. Pair with goat cheese, cashews, macadamia nuts, tapenade or dried fruit. Lump crab dip or lemon curd tarts will also delight your palate. This sparkler is a winner with fried foods, such as fried chicken, mushrooms or fish tacos!
  • 2013 13 Crémant
    Our first impressions of this wine are Asian pear on the nose, firm white peach on the front palate with white grapefruit on the back palate. Green apples and yeast also flirt with our senses. As the wine warms up, we also notice ginger ale on the front palate with a hint of lemon mint. Norm had also noticed ginger ale aromas during primary fermentation. Try this sparkler for brunch with apple fritters, buckwheat waffles and fruit, lox and bagels or later in the day with a traditional Caesar salad or grilled shrimp. Also pairs well with Thai food
  • 2013 13 Rancho Santa Rosa
    Enjoy notes of Crème brûlée, blackberry, red currant and blackened spice on the nose. As this wine opens up in your glass, you’ll also notice the aromas of toasted French oak and Cohiba cigars. This exceptionally balanced wine integrates these aromas and delights the palate with a juicy, ready to drink Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir. It will also age gracefully for 4-6 years! Enjoy with dark turkey meat, pork loin in cherry reduction sauce or double chocolate cupcakes.
  • 2013 13 Rio Vista 2A
    The nose reveals aromas of cinnamon and clove, brown sugar, dried cranberry and cocoa dust. Experience the lovely flavors of mulberry, black cherry and currant on the palate. This full bodied wine is complex and shows layers of cocoa dust and buttered black cherries. Think Pamela Anderson with a Ph.D. Enjoy today or lay down for 5-8 years. Pair with beef kabobs with turbinado sugar, blackened catfish, pork ribs with brown sugar rub or roasted spice candied pecans.
  • 2014 14 Crémant
    This pale lemon colored sparkler has lovely aromatics of tangerine and white peach that tantalize the nose. Fresh tangerine flavors burst through on the palate. The bright finish includes the texture of limestone on the mid-palate. Lemon curd and Key lime pie pair perfectly with this tasty sparkler. Also, serve with eggs Benedict for brunch or with appetizers such as brie, prosciutto and bresaola. Aging potential is 4-6 years. This is Kate’s favorite sparkler during warm weather and just everyday celebrations of life!
  • 2014 14 Rita's Reserve
    This wine is a velvet glove with an iron fist: a real knock out! It’s a luscious, full bodied expression of black cherries and cola, with hints of bacon, spice and vanilla. Earthy and mushroom flavors complement sweetened tobacco notes. The savory finish shows a great potential for aging. Plan on decanting the first year or two or laying down for 5-10 years. This is a wine to pair with your favorite Cuban cigar. Food pairings include smoked game meats or baby back ribs with Hitching Post’s Magic Stuff. Or take a walk on the wild side cooking with Indian garam masala.
  • 2014 14 Rosé
    Enjoy our 10th vintage of Goat Bubbles Rosé! You will find tiny bubbles and refreshing acid on this ever popular sparkler. Aromas of pink grapefruit, strawberry and cherry will tantalize your nose. Limestone minerality, complemented by tart and tangy fruit flavors balance to please your palate. Pair with grilled prawns, fried calamari, macademia nut crusted snapper, Thai food or strawberry shortcake.
  • 2015 15 Pinot Gris
    This ray of sunshine in a glass has bright acidity and shows Alsatian-style qualities due to the overnight skin contact. Richer flavor with intense aromatics complement the lovely minerality on the finish of our Pinot Gris. Enjoy plush cantaloupe across your palate and the luscious honeysuckle nose.