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1520 East Chestnut Court
Lompoc, CA 93436
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Located in the Lompoc Wine Ghetto, Palmina is Steve Clifton's homage to Northern Italian varietals. Mr. Clifton was abroad continuing his knowledge of authentic flavors when we arrived to photograph the tasting room. The Palmina label emphasizes Italian mindset over grape blending percentages. This mindset has also been applied to the customer experience. The tasting room staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and great for new wine drinkers. Enjoy a tasting flight for $10 or wines on tap by the glass ($5), bottle ($15) and growler ($32). We recommend the 2016 Rose made with Sangiovse and Barbera. If you enjoyed the wine at Palmina, check out Brewer-Clifton in Downtown Lompoc.
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    Steve Clifton
  • 2014 Alisos
    Aromas of dried cherry, orange peel and wild strawberry. The appassimento adds just a touch of black strap molasses and black plum skin on the mid-palate, taming the wild red fruit with a glossy, bright and acidic finish. The 2014 Alisos bears Steve’s unmistakable signature. The 2014 Alisos pairs well with many classic Italian dishes such as Chicken Saltimbocca and Cacciatore, as well as lighter pork dishes. Also try with olives, tomato-based pasta, roasted/smoked meats and game, chicken in wine sauce, pizza or your favorite charcuterie board.
  • 2013 Autunno
    Autunno is the color of golden straw in the glass. On the nose, the wine is electric, with a sensory rush of white flowers, blood orange, passion fruit, guava and petrol. The wine exhibits an Autumnal aroma, begging for pairing with holiday turkey. On the palate, further flavors of brown butter and white Mexican sage develop into a finishing notes of key lime pie and lemon squares. On the back-end, the wine finishes with a balance of minerality and acidity. Serve Autunno with your favorite brunch menu! Think eggs, pancakes…or better yet, chicken & waffles! Will also hold up to fish and poultry as well as pork dishes and any favorites you might pair with a lighter red wine.
  • 2012 Barbera Walker Riserva
    The extended barrel aging of our 2012 Barbera Walker Riserva is reflected in an added elegance and refinement in the wine. In the glass, a brilliant ruby, garnet color are followed by a nose of dried orange peel, blonde tobacco and herbs de Provence. On the palate, the flavors expand to include sandalwood, bright Bing cherry, an enjoyable hint of menthol and a lingering finish of dark plum. Barbera pairs well with a wide variety of meals including tomato based dishes such as the lasagna bolognese, meatloaf, or pair it with your favorite after-dinner cheeses.
  • 2015 Cortese
    Subtle aromas of mandarin citrus, white stone fruits, and honeycomb. The wine is Vibrantly dry, fruity, and graceful with refreshing minerality. In Gavi, Cortese is known for pairing deliciously with seafood from nearby Genoa. Try pasta with pesto sauce and scallops or Fish en Papillote. Add lemon to the dish to bring out the wine's broader qualities.
  • 2014 Dolcetto
    The nose is youthful and bright, full of red and Bing cherries. On the palate, notes of hard candy, with a lively Jolly Rancher-like cherry flavor. Mid-palate notes of cardamom, with a pleasurable, slightly herbal finish, with a trace of basil. The characteristics of Dolcetto shine through: a graceful balance of acidity and light tannins, alongside a youthful exuberance and freshness that make the varietal so versatile at the table. Similar in weight to your favorite Pinot Noir, Dolcetto pairs well with antipasti, pastas with meat sauces, grilled fish, roasted poultry, and of! Pour a glass and enjoy during kitchen meal prep, or on the patio while grilling.
  • 2014 Lagrein
    Deep, dark violet in the glass. On the nose, dark berry, mission fig, wild anise, black licorice, fennel and hints of smoke. The wine has a gorgeous, velvety mouthfeel, along with a bracing acidity that screams for food. lingering minerality. Given its geographic roots in the Alto Adige region of northern Italy, bordering Austria, Lagrein is a natural wine to pair with our featured sausage recipe. Also try with speck (smoked pork) and aged cheeses, any roasted dark meats.
  • Lumina, Sparkling Nebbiolo NV
  • 2014 Malvasia Bianca
    Night jasmine, citrus blossom, kaffir lime and crisp honeydew waft from of the glass fooling you into thinking the wine could be sweet. Instead, the wine is taut and cleanses your palate with flavors of fresh mandarin, Meyer lemon curd and a subtle brininess on the finish that leaves you craving another sip. The 2014 has even more brightness and acidity than previous vintages and so we decided to pair this with an extremely simple dish — oysters with a mignonette. The wine cuts through the brininess on the finish while adding a slight creaminess. This also pairs well with fresh crab, curries, herb infused beurre blancs and Thai inspired dishes.
  • 2009 Nebbiolo Honea
    The nose is all about savory, yet floral, feminine nuances - herbs de provence and dried rose petals. The palate is tightly wound with dark cherry, anise and dried herbs that constantly evolve with each sip. The wine pairs beautifully with hearty dishes such as braised meats and stews. Add a savory element such as fennel or orange zest to draw out the subtle nuances in the wine.
  • 2009 Nebbiolo Rocca
    The wine is showy and aromatic upon opening as aromas of orange peel and rose petals shine through. The bouquet carries through to the palate with notes of ginger, cinnamon, and rosemary. While the wine is still very grippy and tannic, the flavors are evolving beautifully in the glass. The wine is rich with tannins, acidity, and volumptuous fruit making it an ideal pairing for grilled meats such as lamb, ribeye or heartier dishes like braised short ribs or oven-roasted pork.
  • 2010 Nebbiolo SBC
    Aromatic and lush upon opening, the 2010 SBC is immediately approachable and inviting. Ruby-red in color, the wine displays the classic “rosso rubino” appearance. Orange-fleshed plums permeate the nose, along with traces of nutmeg, cinnamon and smoked pork. On the palate, juicy, red fruit up front followed by traces of orange Darjeeling tea, with traces of cedar and cola on the back end along with grippy tannins to provide a long, succulent, satisfying finish. The wine’s rich, red fruit, structure and acidity make it an ideal pairing for many different dishes from and roasted meats to grilled vegetables.
  • 2009 Nebbiolo Sisquoc
    The 2009 Sisquoc is more focused and structured than the 2008 with dense aromas of black mission figs, black plums, medjool dates, molasses, rose water and ginger snaps. Flavors of juicy black cherry, plum skin tannins and hints of sage and mint with savory undertones reminiscent of beef broth. The wine pairs deliciously with hearty meals such as braised meats and stews, as well as roasted pork, poultry and squash. Be sure to add a savory element such as fennel or orange zest to draw out the subtle nuances in the wine.
  • 2016 Pinot Grigio
    The pale straw color of the wine shows brilliantly in the glass. On the nose, aromas of lemon pith, meringue, quince, Asian pear and Mandarin orange. There’s a trace of herbs as well, with hints of a spicy basil and lavender. The wine has a rich, round, voluptuous mouthfeel with a pleasant, creamy lemon meringue quality. Finishing with bright acidity and a slight brininess, the wine lingers on the palate with a touch of key lime, citrus and minerality. The creaminess of the Pinot Grigio with its bright, lemony acidity lends itself to a wide array of foods especially creamier pastas such as risotto, cheese plates, cured meats like salami, crab cakes, grilled fish and many other seafood recipes.
  • 2014 Pressed Cabernet Sauvignon
    The 2014 Pressed Cabernet Sauvignon is beautiful in the glass, showcasing a deep garnet color. On the nose, notes of new leather, black cherries, currant, elderberry come together in a bright elegance. On the palate, the wine shows notes of green peppercorns & hints of herbs de provence, and an elegant balance that should only improve with bottle age. Enjoy with roasted beet salad, bacon-wrapped dates, rack of lamb or skirt steak and chimichurri sauce next to the fire on a cold winter night!
  • 2014 Pressed Pinot Noir
    This wine needs some decanting for the flavors to really open up. Aromas of rhubarb pie, savory beef broth, brambly red fruit and subtle hints of hoisin. Riper flavors of lingonberry and strawberry on the front of the palate lead way to more structure and cranberry notes with subtle herbaceous undertones on the finish. Pinot Noir is a delicious food wine that pairs well with a variety of dishes. Roasted duck, salmon on the grill, pasta with morel mushrooms and herbed pork loin come to mind. We paired this wine with rustic duck legs and button mushrooms.
  • 2012 REA IV Bianco
    Kaffir lime leaf, meyer lemon, and white flower aromas. The nose is echoed with flavors of white stone fruits, Asian pear, lychee, and herbal notes on the palate. The wine has a luxurious mouthfeel from the barrel fermentation yet its backed with great acidity and structure. Pairs deliciously with cream or brothbased pastas, chicken picatta, seared scallops, shrimp, and dishes inspired with capers and lemon
  • 2012 Rea IV Rosso
    The spice profile or the wine inspired the Morroccon style rub for the steak but would also be delicious when paired with a hearty tomato sauce, braised oxtail, ragu, grilled quail, squad and other game meats.
  • 2016 Rosato
    A rose gold color with translucent coral edges, brilliantly shining from the glass. A swirl brings forth aromas of melon and citrus. A taste sensation occurs at the first sip, with a refreshing and lively acidity leading to a palate-pleasing silky texture. The citrus notes are reinforced followed by stone fruit and the piquant acidity of white cherry. The 2016 Rosato leaves lingering notes of wild strawberries and a hint of marjoram on the refreshing, clean and graceful finish. The 2016 Rosato is a beautiful aperitif and pairs well with cured meats, charcuterie, and shrimp cocktail but can handle a main course such as Spicy Sicilian lobster or seafood with saffron.
  • Sparkling Barbera NV
  • 2011 Subida
    Vibrant aromas of quince, orange marmalade, caramel, kombucha and ripe mango fill your nose. There's a tingle on the palate reminiscent of orange zest as well as flavors of quince, mandarin and hints of ripe apricot with a refreshing brine-like finish. Of all the wines we make, this wine instantly changes with food. Whereas most wines cleanse or compliment, Subida becomes part of the meal. It is not meant to be a cocktail or sipping wine. It pairs very well with Thai dishes and curries, shellfish, hearty seafood, cured meats and many others.
  • 2012 Undici
    A complex bouquet of vaquero leather, fresh picked blonde tobacco, rose petals and marzipan layered over dark black cherry fruit. Ripe blueberry and cranberry show on the mouth with hints of orange peel and river pebbles. The wine is juicy with a drying finish like biting into a sweet pomegranate seed. This wine is an excellent choice for summer BBQ's as the flavor of the wood char is a nice match for this wine. Try a marbled Bisteca Florentine, whole roasted chicken, or smoked duck.