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Golden Bear Winery
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Golden Bear Winery
2115 South Blosser Road Ste 118
Santa Maria, CA 93458
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    Santa Maria AVA
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    Janis & Michael Schmidt
  • 2012 Brucher California Cuvée
    Color: Bright plum Nose: Mixed berry characters with notes of vanilla and pepper Taste: Luscious juicy raspberry mixed with smooth spicy flavors, and a hint of dark cherry. Well-balance, smooth tannin structure. This is a satisfying, delicious wine that is perfect for sipping alone, but its spicy personality also makes it a perfect accompaniment for almost any type of meal.
  • 2013 Brucher Merlot
    In character, our Merlot offers flavors of chocolate, plums, licorice, black cherries, blueberries, black raspberries and blackberries as well as jam, which depends on the levels of ripeness the fruit was allowed to achieve. It is round, fleshy and can be opulent in texture. It is a delicious wine, with aromas of cassis, truffle, violet, plum, and chocolate.

    Our aim for our Merlot is to maintain the freshness of the fruit, before it becomes too soft and loses its freshness. While Cabernet Sauvignon produces stunning and structured, classic Bordeaux wines, our Merlot is capable of making the world’s most hedonistic, opulent and decadent tasting experience. Pair with hearty meals or drink as a stand-alone wine on a cold winter evening. Serve with red meats such as prime rib and steak seasoned heavily with garlic.
  • 2006 Brucher Merlot
    Color: Deep red with hues of blue Nose: Chocolate, plum, licorice, and black cherries Taste: Blueberry and black raspberry as well as jam due to the high level of ripeness it was allowed to achieve. This wine is a big boy! It is round, fleshy and opulent in texture, with a high level of alcohol and low acidity. It is not a wine to be trifled with!
  • 2012 Brucher Petite Sirah
    Color: Midnight red Nose: Dark red fruit and boysenberries Taste: Bold, earthy red flavors develop from the entry to the tannin and leathery, all-enveloping finish. A great representative of Petite Sirahs, this is a wine that will stand up to almost any big taste. Serve with heavy flavors such as barbecue, game, and roasts.
  • 2012 Brucher Pinot Noir
    Color: Bright garnet Nose: Lovely red fruit mixture and light French oak Taste: Red currants and red raspberries create an earthy mouth feel that leads to a long, lingering finish. This is an enticing, sensuous wine, that was handcrafted in the Burgundian style. Great for sipping alone or serving with pork, poultry, fish or pasta dishes with white, creamy sauces.
  • 2004 Golden Bear Cabernet Port
    Color: Very dark, ruby red Nose: Enticing red fruits Taste: Red fruit flavors led by dark red cherries. A delightful Cabernet Port with a mild, enticing nose, and a finish that lingers long in the senses. It's a wonderful stand-alone dessert wine, or one that can be enhanced with very dark chocolates.
  • 2015 Golden Bear Chardonnay
  • 2008 Golden Bear Grenache
    Color: Dusky ruby red Nose: Bright red fruit and oak Taste: Red fruit, flowers, peppers, and earth. An elegant and well-integrated mouthful of ripe, sweet red berries. Experience a long, lingering, spicy finish. An unfiltered, yet delicate wine that shows real finesse.
  • 2007 Golden Bear Syrah
    Color: Inky, dark plum Nose: Bright, pleasant, light plum and vanilla, with a trace of black pepper Taste: Bright, fruity entry which mellows into a round balanced wine that fills the mouth with a meaty texture. Soft, yet bold, with a fairly long finish. Not an aperitif! A serious wine meant to accompany food; especially game, spicy and smoked or acidic dishes.