The Golden Vine
Cottonwood Canyon Vineyand and Winery
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Cottonwood Canyon Vineyand and Winery
3940 Dominion Road
Santa Maria, CA 93454
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  • Monday
    11:00 am-5:00 pm
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    11:00 am-5:00 pm
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Located in Santa Maria Valley, is Cottonwood Canyon. It's difficult to make a case for Cottonwood as it is not located near another winery and 12 miles round trip from Santa Maria Mesa road. "There are farther wineries out there," said tasting room manager Samantha Corder. This winery is part of the Santa Maria trolley system, which returns to locations every 70 minutes so patrons do not drive. Purchased in advance, these tickets are only $10 and are a fun addition for young children.
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  • 2008 2008 Dessert Syrah (375ML 1/2 Bottle)
    Even superior to the 2005! Balanced, not overpowering with alcohol or residual sugar. Fantastic with chocolate! Great with raspberries as a compliment.
  • 2013 Barrel Select Chardonnay
    A nose filled with sweet bananas and natural oak wood flavors. As you open up this Chardonnay more banana and lychee fruits fill your senses. Walnuts, nutmeg and toasted coconut grace your mid palette and finish with dark toasted almonds and apricots. Decant or aerate for maximum flavors.
  • 2009 Barrel Select Chardonnay
    Unique, golden color with a slight lemon hue. Oak, honey and coconut aromas branch out with open time. Initial flavors are honeydew, cantaloupe and lemon. The roundness created by these flavors meld together harmoniously with emphasis on honey and coconut. The high acidity, natural fruit flavors and aging 18 months in oak creates a well-balanced and lingering finish. Decant or aerate for maximum flavors
  • 2010 Barrel Select Chardonnay
    This fantastic golden, creamy Chardonnay begins with aromas of a buttery crème brûlée dessert. Soft, creamy lemon hints are subtle with a lingering smooth, herby finish. Decant or aerate for maximum flavors.
  • 2011 Barrel Select Chardonnay
    Light, golden color with creamy banana aromas. More bananas burst through its front palate along with lychee and coconut fruits. These tropical fruits extend to your mid palate and continue in its buttery, soft finish. Decant or aerate for maximum flavors.
  • 2013 Bistro Classic Chardonnay
    100% Stainless steel. Tropical aromas of sweet pears, pineapple and melon. Begins with soft sweet pairs in the front and finishes with more creamy tropical fruits. Drinkable now.
  • 2009 Bistro Classic Chardonnay
    100% Stainless steel. Has a tropical nose of ripe pineapple with flavors of Fuji apples and zesty lemon. Smooth finish with grapefruit and soft honey. Drinkable now
  • 2012 Bistro Classic Red Blend
    This 70% Pinot Noir, 30% Syrah blend opens up with aromas of a cherry compote, red currant and roasted beets. Silky on the palate with purple fruits, dark espresso and cherries. Perfectly balanced with a touch of bitterness.
  • 2005 Bistro Classic Syrah
    Dark crimson color with good clarity. Aromas of pepper and blackberry are accented by leather notes and a smoky character upon decanting. In the mouth, blackberry flavors are backed by notes of dusty herbs. Medium bodied with a smooth, soft texture. A long finish of blackberries with some heat. Enjoy with red meats. Drinkable now.
  • 2012 Bistro Classic Syrah
    A deep, sultry magenta color with a nose of tart plums, Bing cherries and a dash of pepper. Sweetness opens up in your front palate with ripened berries. A slight tartness continues with a touch of heat and lingers into a dry finish. Decant upon drinking to “soften”. Drinkable now.
  • 2012 Bistro Pinot Noir
    100% Stainless steel. This dark Pinot is a fruit bomb of ripened prunes and deep black fruits. A fruit compote of fresh berries opens up in your initial front palate and continues with a slight bitterness. Finish with a long concentrated blend of earthy berries. Drinkable now
  • 2009 Chardonnay
  • 2010 Dijon Clones Pinot Noir
  • 2002 Elizabeth’s Vista Pinot Noir
    Displays a beautiful shade of cranberry and a delicate floral nose. This wine opens into smooth black cherry flavors and continues with a soft cherry finish. Must be decanted for maximum flavor and enjoyment!
  • 2003 Elizabeth’s Vista Pinot Noir
  • 2004 Elizabeth’s Vista Pinot Noir
    Has a medium garnet color with great clarity. Dried cranberry and smoky game aromas are accented by spicy notes. Medium bodied with tea like tannins and a high acidity for long term aging and enjoyment. Cranberry and cherry flavors are extended with the heat of the wine grape. Tangy, red fruit continue through the long finish with a hint of orange rind flavors. Great balance with acidity, alcohol, spice and fruit flavors creating a lasting impression lengthened with each glass
  • 2010 Elizabeth’s Vista Pinot Noir
    A light colored Pinot with a powerful statement. Raspberry and sweet pine aromas with flavors of pomegranate, violet, red rose and a lingering fruit punch. Well balanced with a nice acidic lift
  • 2004 Elizabeth’s Vista Pinot Noir 6R
    A darker garnet color with good clarity. Moderate dried cranberry and smoky game aromas accented by some spice box notes and pleasant stemmy hints. Medium bodied, round and juicy with tea like tannins and appropriate acids in the mouth. Cranberry and cherry flavors develop with some heat. Tangy red fruit continue through the long finish with a hint of orange rind flavors. This wine offers a nice balance of mature character, good structure and nice fruit and spice elements.
  • 2008 Estate “Patience” Syrah
    A graceful Syrah aged 40 months in a mixture of French and American oak barrels. The extended aging softens the wine allowing for great expression of the fruit. Cherry cola and licorice grace your nose. Beautifully balanced with velvety smooth black licorice, plum skin and dark cherry on the palate. A kiss of oak comes through in the refined and lingering finish.
  • 2009 Estate “Patience” Syrah
    A special wine aged 40 months in French and American oak. Has beautiful similarities to the 2008 Estate Patience Syrah. Smooth and velvety with rich, dark berries and a truly excellent finish.
  • 2013 Estate Chardonnay
    A light golden hue with honeydew melon, honeysuckle and vanilla scents. Begins with a vanilla floral bouquet and gradually builds to more ripened honeydew melons. Hints of clove and nutmeg spices linger in the finish.
  • 2012 Estate Chardonnay
    A light breeze of peach and mango aromas are followed by a medley of green apples, peaches, mango and pineapple. This fruit filled Chardonnay mellows gradually to a subtle, very smooth finish.
  • 2011 Estate Chardonnay
    A nose comprised of pineapple and vibrant tropical fruits. It boasts flavors of melon, apricot and stone fruit. The finish is long, yet surprisingly smooth with a great balance of lively acidity. This high acid Chardonnay will pair extremely well with spicy foods, especially those with cilantro or basil. Drinkable now, but very long term aging potential with controlled temperature storage.
  • 2002 Estate Pinot Noir
    Medium deep garnet color with aromas of tobacco and a smoked bacon edge. Notes of broad black cherries, pepper, spice and a hint of cola. The medium length finish is cherry-focused with a touch of heat, beets and other root vegetables. There is an underlying rust and iron element with zesty acid. Pairs well with poultry, middle-eastern dishes and recipes big on garlic and cumin. Extended decanting (two hours or more) is highly advised
  • 2012 Estate Reserve Chardonnay
    Aged approx. 16 months in oak barrels. This chardonnay has an initial nose of pineapple with a lingering finish of apricot. The mid-palate minerality and lemon acidity fills your senses with a lasting memory of a French burgundy wine! To maximize the soft fruit component, decant & aerate this Chardonnay.
  • 2013 Estate Reserve Chardonnay
    Melon and juicy “golden delicious” apples burst through the front palate followed by buttery, caramel candied apples. Finish with a kiss of citrus and smooth, sweet lemon meringue. This fully bodied Chardonnay pairs beautifully with creamy brie cheeses. To maximize the soft fruit component, decant & aerate this Chardonnay.
  • 2005 Estate Syrah
    Color of a dark plum and a nose of soft black fruits. This wine opens up to soft blackberries and cherries upon decanting. Bing cherry on the mid palate with a very full mouth “feel” that can only be described as “meaty”. Finish with a tannic, long lingering plum and cherry finish. Our highest acid red wine, made to be extremely age worthy. Decanting for two or more hours is a must if opening within the first five years. Enjoy with a nice steak or Italian food. Drinkable now.
  • 2004 Hillside High Density Pinot Noir
    Deep ruby red in color. A concentrated boysenberry jam overwhelms your senses as you swirl this Pinot. Smooth berries continue with a slow finish. This perfect sipping wine will benefit from some aeriation to bring out its earthiness. Drinkable now. Enjoy with Ahi Tuna sashimi.
  • 2007 Hillside High Density Pinot Noir
    Cherry, red apple and cranberry elegance with unripen-plum notes. Silky chocolate-covered pomegranates and cardamom spice finish. Pair with mustard crusted pork tenderloin or your favorite triple crème brie and crostini. This Pinot will age beautifully!
  • 2007 Michelle’s Hillside Signature
    Exceptionally unique grapes. Flavor notes of cherry and leather repeat with every swallow. Has an excellent finish that will pair with Tri-Tip on the grill or a favorite red meat done with a hint of smoke. This Pinot will age beautifully.
  • 2008 Michelle’s Hillside Signature Pinot Noir
    The “toddler” of Michelle’s Vineyards bounty. A great nose with a taste of an older vintage. Drinkable now but will only get better with time. The perfect investment for your cellar collection! Decant wine before drinking. Pair with BBQ or pulled pork.
  • 2004 Michelle’s Hillside Signature Pinot Noir
    A light plum colored Pinot with good clarity and brilliant cherry cola aromas. In the mouth, a slight intensity of pomegranate, sour cherry and soft lingering tannins. A kiss of leather lingers with the heat of the wine. Great with red meats with light sauces, Middle Eastern dishes, mushroom based sauces, grilled pork chops or a BBQ pork loin. Drink now or hold for years. Upon opening expect changes in the glass.
  • 2010 San Luis Bay “Lasting Impression”
    The winemaker only made one barrel of this limited edition Syrah! Dark crimson and plum colors with candied berry aromas. Full bodied with silky, velvet berries and candied yams in the front palate. Sweet roasted figs and homemade berry pie lingers in the finish truly leaving a “lasting impression”.
  • 2013 San Luis Bay Rosé of Syrah
    A beautiful deep rose pink color with bright berries and strawberries on the nose. Predominant strawberries and blueberries take over and continue throughout its finish. This Rosé is a perfect summer time wine, both light and refreshing! Serve slightly chilled. Pairs great with spicy foods.
  • 2011 San Luis Bay Syrah
    A beautiful jewel toned purple with plum, berry and pluot aromas. Sweet blueberries grace your front palate with blackberries in your mid balanced by a slight acidity. Finish with bursts of cherries; bone dry.
  • 2003 Sharon’s Vineyard Pinot Noir
    Great coloration with an earthy, sweet rose aroma. Fresh berries and cranberries dominate the mid palate. The depth of the finish lingers with more earth and berry flavors. Slight tannins add nice diversity.
  • 2004 Sharon’s Vineyard Pinot Noir
    A great depth of color with excellent clarity is the initial impression of this long aging wine. Aromas of cherry cola and soft white pepper prevail initially. Fresh strawberry, cranberry and boysenberry dominate the mid-palate which is balanced with subtle hints of cocoa. The most notable character is the long lasting finish of earth and berry flavors.
  • 2010 Sharon’s Vineyard Pinot Noir
    This California style Pinot has aromas of rich cranberries and pomegranate. Cranberries continue and get sweeter with a long, earthy lingering finish. This Pinot is a perfect match with Turkey. Drinkable now
  • 2012 Sharon’s Vineyard Pinot Noir
    A French Burgundian style wine with concentrated aromas of truffles, mushrooms and earthy roots. Begins with a garden medley of fresh veggie roots, celery root in the mid palate and finishes with a kiss of concentrated blackberry. This Pinot screams “pair me with lamb!” Drinkable now
  • 2009 Skin Contact Chardonnay
    Pale gold in color with toasted marshmallow aromas and a buttery edge. Soft in the mouth, with subtle star fruit and ripe pineapple flavors. A mineral sensation begins and continues to a finish of light citrus and pineapple laced tropical notes. This Chardonnay benefits from some aeration and offers nice complexity and food versatility. Drinkable now.
  • 2006 Synergy Classic
    A Bordeaux style equal blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petite Verdot and Syrah. Grapes are from Paso Robles, CA with the exception of Syrah grown from Cottonwood.
  • 2008 Syroir
    Dark chocolate-covered cherry aromas entertain your senses with a burst of berries in your front palate. A full bodied red with a rich blueberry finish that lingers.
  • 2002 Syroir
    80% Syrah, 20% Pinot Noir blend, medium bodied with a smooth texture. Deep garnet color with a magenta rim and slight opacity. Opens with aromas of berries, vanilla cola, pepper, and some smoke. Strawberry, cherry and blackberry flavors are accented with some smoky notes and dusty tannins in the mid and finishes with more warm berry flavors. Versatile with most meats.