The Golden Vine
Chronic Cellars Winery Inc.
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Chronic Cellars Winery Inc.
2020 Nacimiento Lake Drive
Paso Robles, CA 93446
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  • 2014 Dead Nuts
    Medium to dark ruby color. Flavors consist of black cherry, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. Hints of anise, black pepper and other spices compliment the juicy flavors. The wine is very full and round with mild tannins and a soft palate. A light toast integrates well with the different aromatics.
  • 2014 El Perfecto
    Spanish flare from the Tempranillo with all the Zinfandel characteristics that you love. Flavors of juicy strawberries and raspberries fill the glass. As the wine opens up, hints of cracked pepper, dusty cherry and light oak fill the glass. The tannins are well integrated.
  • 2015 Eunice X
    This super hero has a fantastic perfume of green apple, peach, and a hint of white flowers. Complex layers of mango, pear, and honey dew are complimented by a hint of oak. Eunice X is a balanced beauty that shows the colors of a truly powerful being.
  • Kindley Swallows
    A light pink color with a slight peach hue. Light watermelon zest or green apple, raspberry and eucalyptus notes fill the glass. This Rose is bright and zesty with a hint of dried minerals.
  • 2014 Love Machine
    This Grenache based wine has mild tannin and nice acidity with a beautiful red color. Aromas and flavors consist of blackberry, red currant, sage, crushed rock, cinnamon and spice. The flavors are fresh and have a balanced lingering finish
  • 2015 Pink Petals
    Aromas of fresh watermelon and a hint of cherries are carried in the wind as you pedal along the path to a delicious bouquet of strawberries, raspberries and hints of mild spice. A rose that stays true to style and lets you ride along nicely.
  • 2015 Purple Paradise
    Roll the dice and enjoy brilliant aromas of vanilla, mocha, dark cherries, roasted almonds and cinnamon. Every sip is bursting with juicy fruits, ripe strawberries, and a touch of leather, balanced by mild tannins and acidity.
  • 2014 Ricardo Grande
    Elegant and sophisticated, the flavors and aromas are balanced and integrated. This wine offers light to medium tannin. It's made up of mineral aromas with notes of smokey meat and licorice. Light hints of olive and cracked pepper, black cherries, blackberries, currant and espresso notes are sure to please.
  • 2014 Robyn Cradles
    A dark inky wine. Hints of a lightly browned marshmallow straight from the campfire along with ripe plum, blueberry and blackberry fruits. Some dark meat and gamey notes intermix with a hint of carmelized sugar. The wine has a nice up front texture and mild tannins that keep you wanting more.
  • 2014 Sofa King Bueno
    Big juicy flavors with lots of layers on the palate. A mix of different red and black fruits will fill your glass. Strawberries, raspberries, cranberries and blueberries come storming at you. This wine is smooth and silky as it races across your palate. A polished and plump wine that is stylish and sexy at the same time.
  • Spritz and Giggles
    "Spritz" is a blend consisting mainly of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from a handful of vineyards on the North Coast of California. Aromas: pear, cut apples, hints of fresh baked bread, light spices and floral notes. Taste: citrus fruit with apples and pears.
  • 2015 Stone Fox
    Flavors of pineapple, coconut, fresh orange blossom, flint and a splash of mango fill the glass. A slight hint of baked honey can also be found. This wine has balanced depth and flavors with a crisp and juicy body.
  • 2014 Suite Petite
    The dark inky color of the petite sirah can't be mistaken in this wine. Aromas of cigar spice and meaty notes finished with cracked peper. On the palate, fruit consist of sweet cherr, blackberries, and juicy blueberry with brown sugar and spiced notes. Nice lingering finiah from the tannins.
  • 2014 Tranquilo 14
    This port style wine is rich and big! Balanced with aged characteristic along with youthful notes. Ripe plums,  blueberries and blackberries fill the glass. Swirl and enjoy the wines sexy legs as they coat the glass. The wine has soft tannins with hints of cinnamon and spice.
  • Unteachables
    Whichever it is the blend works. This wine is well balanced with lot's of dark fruits. An approachable wine with complex flavors. The different fruits consist of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. Hints of smoke, bacon fat, chocolate and an assortment of different spices. This wine has soft tannins that linger with the different flavors.