The Golden Vine
Clautiere Vineyard
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Clautiere Vineyard
1340 Penman Springs Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446
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    11:00 am-5:00 pm
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    Ed Bracamonte
  • Outdoor SeatingOutdoor Seating: 64
    After the sun sets the 2 Cocky Sisters get frisky and risky! Masquerading as jugglers in a circus, they carefully balance Star fruit, bright blueberries, red licorice, cardamom, sage, and mocha, while never dropping any fruit. A warm kettle corn aroma in the air adds a whimsical tone to the energetic night. Spectators cheer while their senses are bombarded by the playful combination of flavors. This party is just starting to get outrageous and is so much fun that one bottle of wine might not be enough…
    A tropical aroma of pineapple, smooth honey and juicy peaches. On the finish is dried apricot, ripe melon, and lingering stone fruit.
  • 2012 Estate BDX
  • 2011 Estate BDX
    Elegantly rebellious! BDX is our serious blend of Bordeaux grapes spiked with Rhone party crashers. Think of top hats and cigars flirting with aromatic red flowers and lattes! A classy structure of berries and butter cream is complimented by the herbaciousness of the Rhone rebels. What type of party would it be without a little spontaneity?
  • 2012 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
    “I’m in love with Clautiere Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. I remember the first time we kissed. The sunset was perfect as we lay together on the summer soil. Juniper breezes blew past cedar trees and through my hair. It tickled of anticipation
  • 2012 Estate Grenache Reserve/Magnum
    Spicy times are instigated by our Grenache!  Floral spices of white and red peppers and cumin antagonize the senses.  Apple, apricot, vanilla yogurt, and arugula back up the witty bouquet and mellow out the finish.  Match this up with equally intense meals like meaty ethnic dishes or foods best served cold like gazpacho.
  • 2012 Estate Malbec Reserve/Magnum
    If you need an excuse to drink wine, we have one for you.  Our Malbec is not only delicious, it is one of the healthiest reds to consume.  Malbec contains some of the highest levels of flavonoid polyphenols.  It is these chemical components of Malbec that are anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, blood sugar lowering, and help to prevent numerous other cardiovascular diseases.  Simply put, dried cherries, spicy red pepper flakes, crab apples and plums should be a good enough excuse to bring this “natural medicine” home with you…
  • 2012 Estate Mon Beau Rouge
    Our beautiful blend of romantic Rhone grapes!  When things are cookin in the kitchen, this wine is the perfect partner for most comfort foods.  Red licorice, cardamom, sage, and mocha stimulate imaginative ideas.  Star fruit, bright blueberries, and zucchini initiate bright conversation over dinner.  Of course, if things turn too technical you can always drink another glass…
  • 2012 Estate Mourvedre
  • 2004 Estate Port
    On the front end are Tea leaf, rose petal and cassis bouquet. Mid palate are flavors of Mocha cherry, cedar, and Earl Grey tea with a nuance of butterscotch. There is a velvety texture on the tongue with a finish of a hint of caramel.
  • 2005 Estate Port
    Notes of cherry cordial, cocoa and milk chocolate are on the nose. Hints of butter cream on the finish and a warm tingle on the way down. This is an outstanding example of true Port with an exceptional price point.
  • 2006 Estate Sweet Roussanne
    Pineapple upside down cake batter mixed with orange zest and honey butter. Creamy caramel and sweet fruit lead into a toasted, nutty finish. A natural pairing with an after-dinner fruit and cheese plate and drizzled over vanilla ice cream
  • 2012 Estate Syrah
    I pledge allegiance to the Syrah of Clautiere Vineyard, Paso Robles, California. And to the rustic Rhone Valley for which it stands, one smoky varietal under oak and definitely diversified with lusciously worshiped barbecued fruit and Aus Jus for all.
  • 2012 Estate Tempranillo
    Our Tempranillo is the perfect pairing for a sexy date!  Intense lust is triggered through the aromas of golden raisins, lychees, fresh oregano and thyme, sandalwood, and tuberose.  A sexy Serrano pepper hotness is introduced to the intellectual sensuality of caraway seeds, agave, and plantains.  Since you will be blinded by lust, maybe it is best to pair with simple things like black beans, chicken with herbs, or naughty lingerie.
  • 2014 Estate Viognier
    Once upon a time there was a grape known as Viognier. One day, Viognier was walking through California and stopped in a cool region. "Too cool" it said. How will I ever develop the aromatics and flavors needed for me to succeed? Viognier continued on its journey moving south. It stopped in a hot region. "Too hot" it exhaustedly declared. "I don't want to be sticky with sweetness, my perfume scent will be lost!" Wondering if it would ever find the perfect fit, it finally stumbled upon Paso Robles. "Just right" it said with a sigh of relief. A deep breath of fresh cut green aromas and guava came Viognier while a heart of nectarine and pear fell in love with this location. Viognier has since lived happily ever after.
  • 2014 Sparkling Estate Viognier
    Done in the traditional Méthode Champenoise, our Sparkling Viognier is a dazzler. Energetically entering with chamomile, a dust of white pepper, and happy lemon zest, it introduces itself to the hostess and states it is time to celebrate! Now we might be letting this get to our head, but these bubbles tickle and charm with green apples drizzled with a touch of honey. You will be so convinced by the tasty charm that we would like to say in advance – yes we can come to your party too