The Golden Vine
Wood Family Vineyards
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Wood Family Vineyards
2407 Research Drive
Livermore, CA 94550
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    2:00 pm-7:00 pm
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    12:00 pm-7:00 pm
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    12:00 pm-7:00 pm
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Located in Livermore Valley, Wood Family is producing wine in a warehouse facility along Research Drive. Winemaker Rebecca Wood is producing Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay. Enjoy a tasting flight ($15) refunded with bottle purchase. Groups of eight or more must have an appointment and tasting flights are discounted to $10. This location hosts stage for music on Friday nights (4p.m.-7p.m.) and a seated tasting bar. Outside picnic items are welcome and gourmet food trucks offer small bites on the weekends. Large friendly dogs are a permanent fixture at this location. Dogs on a leash are welcome but they must socialize well with other animals. This location is part of the urban tasting rooms that are in close proximity on Vasco Road.
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  • 2014 Big Wood Zinfandel
    Dense, dark purple and mysteriously opaque, this wine greets you with black cherries and sweet olallieberries. You will sink into a pool of Mexican chocolate with spicy black pepper accents as the toasted oak brings back memories of long nights spent front of the fireplace. The flavors are everything you expected – fresh, ripe berries tucked into velvety tannins with a delicate balance of acids and alcohol. The warm toasty oak finish seems to last forever.
  • 2014 Cabernet Franc
    A deep ruby red, this wine is dark yet translucent. Plum and cassis provide hallmark fruit aromas. Earthy notes of wild flowers and chicory are punctuated by cracked black pepper. The palate is dominated by plum fruit and the texture is rich and velvety. Alcohol, tannins and acid levels are delightfully balanced, and the finish is filled with tart fruit and a touch of toasted oak.
  • 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon
    Deep purple velvet, completely opaque, is the best way to describe this wine. With classic aromas of cassis and pencil lead, there are additional notes of floral blueberries offset by manly cedar and just a faint tinge of that martini green olive. The wine presents modest acidity on the palate and red current flavors persist as a 60% semi-sweet chocolate emerges. Ultra smooth tannins with balanced alcohol are perceived as the wine finishes with plum fruit-leather and new oak.
  • 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon “ESPECIAL”
    The color of this special wine is a dark, opaque purple. It is a perfect wine to sit outside with on a warm summer night or inside by the fire on a cold winters eve. Last nights campfire is the first aroma to emerge from the glass and is quickly followed by succulent figs and other purple fruits. Elegant orchid floral aromatics hover above the dark soil below. One sip and your palate is engulfed by chocolate raspberry truffles and sweet cola but the wine is dry. The alcohol perception is managed beautifully by soft acids and dusty tannins, which are the last to remain.
  • 2015 Chardonnay “Para Mas Amigas”
    This year’s Chardonnay is intense yellow in color and has a rich viscosity. Subtle fruit aromas of Asian pear and Mandarin orange hover around the edges as non-fruit aromas take the forefront. Nuts like cashew and Brazil contribute to the exotic character, and wet stone offers a mineral aspect. Movie-butter popcorn aroma provides a welcome plushness. The palate follows the aromatics with its’ pear and nut flavors, and the mouth feel is luscious. The wine has moderate acidity and med-high alcohol. The finish is toasty and long.
  • 2014 El Loco Rojo Red Wine
    This crazy wine is not so crazy as it is simply delicious. Bright red in color its aromas jump right out as Morello cherries glazed in brown sugar sauce. The cherry is consistent on the palate and the acid is refreshing. The tannins are friendly and the finish is all about fresh fruit. A straight-up, lip-smackingly delicious wine!
  • 2014 Grenache
    This wine has a subdued garnet color that is quite translucent. Aromas of rainier cherries and strawberry jam deliver freshness, with cinnamon and earth providing balmy undertones. Pungent tobacco and floral gardenia are yin-yang counterparts, where white and black pepper add spicy intrigue. The flavor is savory, reminiscent of a meaty cherry sauce, and the mouthwatering acidity is rounded out with smooth tannins. The warming finish is toasty.
  • 2014 Heart”Y”Wood Red Wine
    The dark, purple-red color of this wine gives very little indication of the time it has spent in the bottle waiting for its debut. Finally, the aromas of ripe pomegranate and rare roast beef have been released to create intriguing, contrasting notes. Chicory coffee and spicy black pepper offer depth. The alcohol is present on the nose but is balanced nicely on the palate with bright plum and cherry flavors. A chewy texture is soothed by soft, round, tannins that seem to roll across the tongue. The wine is dry, and the acidity is balanced but prevalent.The finish is long and toasty.
  • 2014 Malbec
    A mysterious dark purple beauty, this wine is almost completely opaque. The blackness continues in the aromatics as Mission fig and blackberry preserves are the first to make their presence known. White carnations are a beautiful top-note along with white pepper which gives the nose a spicy Far East quality. Burnt sugar creates a smoky undercurrent. The flavors of roasted figs fill your mouth and there is just the right amount of acid to make your mouth water. A warm toasty finish is your last memory.
  • 2013 Merlot
    An almost opaque, rich color of purple-red plums, this estate wine is uber-consistent year to year. Sweet black cherries are its hallmark. There is a pretty combination of floral greenery heightened by fresh carnation, with wet stone and cracked-black pepper adding depth and interest. The cherries continue on the palate with plum flavors joining the party. There is a pepper acidity that reminds me of a robust red-meat marinade. The wine has medium-sized, roughed-up tannins that have the quality of back-brushed velvet. The finish is bright and baptized by new oak.
  • 2014 Petite Verdot
    A clear winner, this elusive varietal has given us a translucent purple wine with dark red fruit aromatics. Intense pomegranate and sweet black cherry aromas are spiced-up by black pepper and deepened by earthy molasses. The palate is primarily plum and cherry flavors with perky acidity and fine, elegant tannins. The finish is smoky and lingers.
  • 2014 Syrah
    A breakthrough, lighter-style syrah, this wine matches visually with its luminous purple-garnet color. Primary aromas of meaty steak, manly leather and tobacco are supported by ripe plum and curious black olive. Last night’s campfire tickles your nose, and cracked black peppercorn is a spicy conspirator. The flavors provide the rich savoriness of dark plums sprinkled with black pepper. The alcohol is subtle, and the acids are soft yet present. The finish ushers in dried plum flavor with a whisper of oak.
  • 2014 Zinfandel/ “Muy Bueno”
    Rich deep purple and almost opaque, this wine has it all. It will transport you to a warm campfire where you are presented with a fresh-out-of-the-oven berry hand pie. You will smell the forest greenery around you and welcome the aromas of fresh cream. It is all at once slightly sweet, moderately tangy, and delightfully spicy; even a touch of bitterness supplies welcome complexity. This wine is all about berries and black pepper with a long toasty finish to savor