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Hansen Vineyards & Winery
5575 El Pomar Dr
Templeton, CA 93465
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  • 2013 Barrel Select Cabernet Sauvignon
    This wine is the exception to the rule because it was only in the barrels for 1 1/2 years, yet it pours like a much more mature wine with such soft and subtle tannins, bright cherry, blackberry and raspberry flavors, and a long-lasting finish that goes on for days. This is the perfect wine to just sit and drink at the end of your day to relax. This is the only wine that Bruce is suggesting to lay down for about a year to try it at its peak. However, it is very drinkable right now
  • 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon
    This soft, easy drinking Cabernet is full of bright cherry and blackberry flavors, with just a hint of black currant in the mid palate and a velvety soft finish. Aged in French oak barrels for 3 years, this wine has little to no tannins making it a pleasant wine to drink by itself, light apertifs, or light cheeses. As this wine ages, we anticipate it to age very nicely with an even softer, smoother finish and hopefully a little more body across the mid palate. Bruce made just shy of 400 cases of this wine and we are expecting it go quickly since it really is that good!
  • 2015 Grown Rose
    From the land of Cabernet comes a wonderful summer wine, Hansen Vineyards 2015 Grown Rose. Zinfandel fermented in Old Cabernet barrels give this wine a soft peach color. It is very juicy, light and easy drinking, with no residual sugar, making it a totally dry wine. Serve chilled.
  • 2013 Jessie Cabernet Sauvignon
    This Cabernet is such a treat, it’s nose is outstanding, it has flavors that are deep at every point, with nice balance and a gorgeous finish. This special Cab was aged 2 years in new French Oak and not filtered.
  • 2011 Limited Cabernet Sauvignon
    This soft, rich, decadent wine that has hints of vanilla in the nose and flavors of rich spices with a touch of dark berries is a little piece of heaven in a bottle. Since this wine is indeed so light, we would not recommend pairing it with any heavy foods, if any foods at all. Some cheeses and chocolate may go well, but we think the 2011 Limited Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect wine to sit and watch the sun set. *2015 Taster’s Guild International Wine Competition tasting notes: A dense, red wine with deep purplish tones and rich, cassis-plum flavors structured on soft tannins delivering a luxuriant lingering aftertaste. Match with grilled top loin of beef cuts.
  • 2009 Limited Cabernet Sauvignon
    The epitome of big, bold, and beautiful, this wine has an incredible bouquet with a delightful balance of richness with a touch of spice and medium tannins on the finish. This is the only one of Bruce’s wines so far to have a subtle oak flavor on the mid palette and pairs wonderfully with a good steak, roast or ribs due to the stronger tannins compared to the rest of our wines.
  • 2010 Limited Cabernet Sauvignon
    With notes of blackberry, black cherry, and black pepper the 2010 Limited Cabernet Sauvignon is surprisingly a lighter Cabernet that has a beautiful finish and pairs perfectly with most foods, primarily Italian food that contains a lot of spice. *2015 Taster’s Guild International Competition tasting notes: Intense, ruby hued, full-bodied red wine with bold cedar-bramble flavor complexity finishing on velvet textured tannins. A good choice for favorite braised beef ribs
  • 2010 Marquis Zinfandel
    Zinfandel is all about the pepper and how the fruit handles it from beginning to end. This is a wonderfully brilliant wine that has such a bright, spicy taste to it with an amazingly soft finish. The 2010 Marquis Zinfandel is the perfect concept of the California Zin: just the right amount of peppery spice and bright fruit. This particular wine is great by itself or to pair with food.
  • 2010 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
    Bursting with concentrated flavors including dark cherry, hints of plum and just a touch of spice that give way to a soft, elegant finish. This wine is continuously surprising us with how it gets better with age. It is a wonderful wine to sit and enjoy by itself, but it also pairs well with lighter foods.
  • 2012 Vintner’S Private Selection
    In order to avoid so many cases of the same vintage, he selected 12 barrels of wine, but added in a couple of Bulgarian oak barrels to add another flavor which married very nicely with the French oak. In the final stages of the aging process, Bruce added oak sticks to the barrels to add an additional layer of flavor and tannins across the mid palate without adding an overpowering oakiness to the wine. This wine is absolutely wonderful to pair with food or drink by itself since the tannins are soft with a smooth finish.
  • 2013 Viognier
    With apricot on the front palette and a smooth pineapple on the finish, this wine just makes you want to lay out next to the pool and enjoy the day! The 2013 Viognier is definitely lighter and has more fruity notes than our 2010 Viognier, but is delicious in its own right. Although white grapes usually grow and produce better wines when the vines grow in cooler atmospheres, our Viognier vines grow exceptionally well here in Templeton and produce excellent wines. This wine pairs perfectly with light fish or chicken dishes as well as salad. Pair with a coconut creme gouda for wonderful flavors.
  • 2010 Viognier
    This 2010 Viognier is very easy drinking with soft fruity notes that is the perfect blend of dry and sweet. Viognier is a rather interesting grape and one of the only white wine grapes that grows very well in the Paso Robles area. Since this wine is extremely versatile, it can be served either at room temperature or chilled. It pairs well with any white meat, cheeses, salads, or even while you enjoy the sunshine next to the pool. We also like to give our guests a splash of this to cleanse their pallette at the end of their tasting experience because it is very refreshing after drinking so many red wines.
  • 2013 Winemakers Choice Cabernet Sauvignon
    The Hansen’s 2013 Winemakers Choice Cabernet Sauvignon is delightful and full bodied. Soft and elegant, with light notes of cherry and an easy tannic finish that says “hey, I am a king – I am a Cabernet!”. Aged two and a half years in new French oak
  • 2010 Zinfandel
    This particular Zinfandel is not like most California Zins, which vary from having a big peppery flavor or being abundantly fruity in the finish. The 2010 Zinfandel is extremely soft, has the slightest hint of spice without being overly fruity. Grapes selected for this Zinfandel came from 100 year-old vines that are dry-land farmed and grafted to 15 year-old root stock. The soil where the vines are grown is what makes the Zinfandel different than our Marquis Zinfandel. With a soil consisting primarily of shale and limestone, there is very little additional nutrients to provide a robust flavor to the grapes. Which is perfectly fine with us. This is an amazingly simple Zinfandel that is smooth and easy drinking and we believe to be a true winner.