The Golden Vine
Herman Story Winery
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Herman Story Winery
1227 Paso Robles Street
Paso Robles, CA 93446
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    11:00 am-5:00 pm
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    Russell P. From
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  • 2016 After Hours
    Line caught Swedish fish, raspberry cordial, pink peppercorn tea, licorice rope string bikini and triumphant fisticuffs with a tiger shark.
  • 2014 After Hours
  • 2015 After Hours
  • 2014 Bien Nacido Grenache
    Planted and run by the Miller family since 1969, Bien Nacido has been the source for the Central Coast’s most mythical wines and is a crown jewel of winemakers. RPF’s first large winemaking position was as operations manager for the Miller family’s custom crush facility. His tenure with the Millers also marked the founding of Herman Story. This represents RPF’s triumphant homecoming.
  • 2013 Bien Nacido Grenache
    Pre-rain rose garden, blackberry blooms, red Twizzlers, star scorched road, fresh ground coffee, cedar chest, aged ancient kirsch, clove infused cherry sigars, deeply steeped jasmine tea and warmed red earth bricks.
  • 2014 Bien Nacido Syrah
    Cadbury Milk chocolate bar, bacon sandwich on grilled toast, oil brined olives, Alpine amaro, trod garrigue, melted frozen strawberries and Schaffenberger dark chocolate. With just enough growl to keep you awake at night.
  • 2012 Bien Nacido Syrah
    Like the cliff notes to a High School American History course: there’s a bit of revolution, a dash of luxury and a ton of prosperity in there: charred mulberry, deep-steeped Earl Grey tea, violet liqueur, heirloom tool shed, cherry pipe tobacco, huckleberry milkshake, Mole’, cannon ball, Spanish moss and sweet fire-roasted New Mexican chiles.
  • 2013 Bien Nacido Syrah
    Trampled black chocolate, red currant preserves, pressed white sage, Maduro wrapped cigars, tilled earth, blackberry demi-glace, heirloom saddle, perfectly prepared plain hamburgers and a yard slathered in wedding cake butter cream.
  • 2013 Bolt Cutter
    Grilled Plums, rattlesnake venom, strawberry au jus, bacon infused tamari,sword sliced lamb asado, jelly donuts and pudding thick French roast camp coffee
  • 2014 Bolt Cutter
    This is basically an axe wielding shark wearing a tuxedo, jumping a monster truck across the Grand Canyon. Prickly pear jam, salted cherries, hoisin sause, char crusted steak, Ferrari seats, Mexican hot chocolate.
  • 2012 Casual Encounters
    This is a black-tie Argentine Asado prepared by a true Gauch: rustic yet refined, affable with truly unbelievable portions. Bacon wrapped dates, blueberry demi-glace, charred lamb, mate, Fernet and Coke, crispy duck confit, milk chocolate, Turkish coffee and mint jelly with fresh baked mollasis cookies and brambleberry ice cream for dessert
  • 2013 Casual Encounters
    Herbs de Provence and crushed raspberry bush
  • 2008 Casual Encounters
    This complex and rich GSM delivers on earthiness, spice and powerful fruit. Scents of wet earth, cherry cola, raw honey, jasmine tea, and Bali Shag rolling tobacco opens to a palate driven by chocolate velvet cake, purple plum, vanilla, black pepper, broken dry leaves and old leather bound books. The whole cluster Grenache gives the tannins a fresh lift leaving you a 45+ second finish with some serious grip and spice. Pairing - Char-grilled burgers, étouffée, fresh game, Jerked meats, carne asada
  • 2013 John Sebastiano
    In-n-out double doubles, ancien oregano, perfect pastiss, chocolate smoke, cherry coke residue,fresh bay laurel, milk duds and black pepper ice cream.
  • 2012 John Sebastiano
    Kola nut, trampled black cherry, sage, black pepper, black walnut, dragonfruit and pitch.
  • 2014 Larner
    Lika forest foraging for dinner with your Michelin starred buddy. Kalua pig, Maduro wrapped cigars, apple blossom, black currants, porcini & matsutake mushrooms, sassafras, blackberries, dutch oven ginger cake.
  • 2012 Larner Vineyard
    Like your grandfather’s tall tale of how he once stole a whole sprig of fresh, ripe black currants out of the paws of a black bear, and then won the ensuing wrestling match. Evergreen bough, English strawberries, sassafras limb, rose petals, violet encrusted lamb shank, raw earth, leather journal and berry medley. He was almost certainly lying, but he did have those scars and that taxidermied bear...
  • 2012 Late Bloomer
    Raspberry sauce poured out on a hot sidewalk, pastrami meat, clove, beef tartare, cherry flambé, sweet carnitas, rail car of fresh lumber, blood orange, mincemeat and desert white sage. More headspinningly unexpected than a donkey in a tutu and a heck of a lot more interesting.
  • 2011 Late Bloomer
    Clove spiced blackberry, dragon fruit, anise seed, fruit tagine, softened cinnamon stick, cardamon and revived cherry.
  • 2015 Milk & Honey
    This is a winter solstice dinner with the lost Dauphin at the Nam Hai Four Seasons in Hoi An. Black earth, rare beef Pho, hoisin sauce, warmed whole star anise, creosote, Fernet and Coke, rose hip tea, distant diesel, sarsaparilla, lapsang souchong tea all finished with night dense coffee and condensed milk and the brooding sense that your card will be declined.
  • 2014 Milk & Honey
    Raspberry pie, Palo Santo smudge, baking chocolate, Fesen- joon, creole boudin, carbon copy paper, clove oil toothpicks, and fire roasted strawberries.
  • 2013 Milk & Honey
    This is the best summer backyard BBQ wedding that has ever happened between two decorated families: cherry ice cream, blueberry and paseo pepper jelly, Maduro cigars, barrel aged Manhattans, blood orange demi glace, red oak coal grilled steak, sun tea, gnawed cinnamon stick, red velvet cake, Italian espresso, Hershey’s Chocolate milk, Turkish delight elixir with the soft sense of promise.
  • 2015 Milk and Honey
    This is a winter solstice dinner with the lost Dauphin at the Nam Hai Four Seasons in Hoi An. Black earth, rare beef Pho, hoisin sauce, warmed whole star anise, creosote, Fernet and Coke, rose hip tea, distant diesel, sarsaparilla, lapsang souchong tea al
  • 2015 Nuts & Bolts
    This is the building blocks of all of those stories: Ripe red roses, broiled brown sugar, Amsterdamer tobacco, mole, reglisse, Haribo cola candies, crushed red velvet seats in a Crown Vic, 4th of July rib-eyes and black rhino.
  • 2008 Nuts And Bolts
    Opening with spicy ginger snaps, fresh creme, straw- berry rhubarb compote and vanilla, the wine shows it’s darker side with hearty notes of char, carpaccio, bacon and persimmons. Like a Hawaiian bar-b-que, the palate is a melange of fruit and toasted spice; black currents, juinper, tar and Bing cherry give way to a near a minute long finish. Pairing - Memphis-style ribs, venison, Spaghetti Bologne sauce and al pastor.
  • 2007 Nuts And Bolts
    This dark and pleasing Syrah opens the same way it finishes: with the scent and silky texture of melted fine milk chocolate. But not all is sweet and chocolate-y in this complex and brooding wine as it also shows smoky beach barbecue, ripe cherry and beef jerky that yields to a playful palate of orange rind, elderberry, and beautiful flowers. New French oak integrates into the long finish (60+ seconds) with mocha and pineapple upside-down cake. Pairing - Memphis-style ribs, venison, Spaghetti Bologne sauce and al pastor .
  • 2013 Nuts And Bolts
    Like a midnight sleigh ride through the alps in 1960s St. Moritz with only the finest company: rich, transformative and softly dangerous. broiled huckleberry, cinnamon chocolate ice cream, the apple from a roast pig, turkish coffee, elderflower liqueur, violet tea, mince- meat pie, chocolate dusted lamb shank and brandied cherry crepes. All indulged with the secret that no one knows you’re just a friend of the coachman
  • 2014 Nuts And Bolts
    Blueberries and shotgun shells, Bailey’s steeped coffee, charred cherries, crushed velvet, smoldering oak, mahogany dashboard, distant kerosene lamps, new lilacs and the thought of someday maybe getting a Chris-Craft.
  • 2013 On The Road
    As disorientating as falling through a weakened wall and landing in a Gatsby-esque Prohibition speakeasy at the Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt of New Orleans: braised strawberry compote, private-eye cigars, muddled sassafras branch, cherry candle wax, rose hips, blueberry beignets, foie gras and ginger snaps. All swaddled in the comfort of low light and true crushed velvet seats
  • 2007 On The Road
    Italian plum, raspberry and chocolate cocoa powder unfold a spicy, savory palate of smooth white pepper, toasted caraway, shortbread and freshly baked marzipan. The palate shows spiced and fleshy flavors of ginger bread, bright red currants, orange, violets, and bourbon-soaked desserts. Finishing with "feel it in your gums" tannins, this wine accomplishes balance with the help of a weight/texture not seen in almost any domestic Grenache based wines. Pairing - Pumpkin risotto, a Cuban sandwich, serious chili, Santa Maria Style Barbecue
  • 2014 On The Road
    What’s that tough guy? Why don’t you drop that jerky snuff and blackberry soda and step outside. Oh Yeah? Well how’d you like a face full of chicory coffee and olallieberry pie? You would wouldn’t you, and I’ll bet you’d even want me to add in this kirsch marinated pancake and heirloom rooftop strawberry too. That’s what I thought. Well why don’t you take this roasted rabbit and that creosote barbwire and this black licorice pipe smoke and that chargrilled pork chop and this fistful of violets and a pound of decomposed granite! And there’s plenty more where that came from!
  • 2008 On The Road
    Right off the bat On the Road explodes with holiday spices and opulent fruit: cranberry relish, ground clove, strawberry pie a la mode, black licorice, orange zest and nutmeg. The silky, subtly earthy palate continues with espresso, wild English strawberry, cracked leather and white chocolate. The pleasant weight of the mouthfeel is complemented by the wine’s strong tannic structure and spice driven finish. Pairing - Pumpkin risotto, a Cuban sandwich, serious chili, Santa Maria Style Barbecue
  • 2012 On The Road
    Blueberry glazed Asaso, ancho chile chocolates, Maduro cigar wrapper, crisp brownie crust, raw cinnamon bark, blackberry brambles, seville orange skin, sassafras tea and 20 year aged balsamic.
  • 2013 One Hit Wonder
    Rare tar, sun warmed blackberry, red-oak grilled cherry, sage smudge, spiced blackberry compote and violin resin.
  • 2013 Smash City
    Marachino cherry, Thai iced tea, fresh spun blue cotton candy, oak aged cherries.
  • 2015 Tomboy
    Alba white truffle, lemongrass, white gumdrops, distant Christmas cabin fire, bergamot, fire charred peach, French Silk ice cream, white chocolate ganache and orange flower water.
  • 2014 Tomboy
    Honeysuckle, pit roasted pulled pork, aniesette, smoked apple skin, peach schnapps, pear nectar, vanilla mint panna cotta, bitter lemon, tarragon and summer sun soaked beach.
  • 2013 Tomboy
    A world before the shoreline became covered in condos: a land of ocean sunshine complete with sandy haired beauties and fruit laden trees: lemon bars, kumquat marmalade, apple tartine, cardamom, church pew, pfefferneusse, Chanel no.5 with a dash of TWA first class warmed towel to ease you back to the blustery northern winter.
  • 2008 Tomboy
    Like a cowgirl gussied up and ready for the dance, this Marsanne, Roussanne and Viognier blend presents itself with a delicate nose of lillies, orange flower water and apricots but won't hesitate to slap you if you step out of line - she's got some muscle and meat on her bones. The nose continues with honeycomb, coconut creme pie and a healthy spritz of fresh tangerine. The massive, unctuous palate is perfectly balanced by its honest minerality and spice (think a pat of butter atop apple spice pancakes). TOMBOY finishes with a husky kick of buckwheat and a lingering honey note that leaves you wondering when she's coming back. Pairings - Bouillabaisse, toro sushi, roasted chicken and savory breads