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About Us
About Us

We catalog California wineries to provide readers with an honest account of a location or experience. We highlight producers that are genuinely looking for a connection and do not see millennial customers as an inconvenience.

Our winery visits are conducted unannounced on low traffic days. We do not photograph wine club boxes, coffee cups, or items in the tasting room that are obviously temporary. Photo editing is minimal and used when we screw up :)

California offers a rich variety of unique artisan wines. Most of these gems remain inaccessible to the general public because of distribution issues or lack of promotion. We partner with a variety of winemakers and estates to spotlight noteworthy selections for our customers.

We make education materials with new wine drinkers in mind. Wine vernacular is a barrier that makes new drinkers feel unwelcome. We focus on core concepts like grape varietals, appellations and pairing that translates to practical skills.